Chantilly High School teacher arrested

Spanish teacher and track coach at Chantilly High School, Matthew McGuire, was arrested Thursday January 10th. He was arrested with attempted indecent liberties with a minor and use of a computer to solicit sex with a minor. Article can be found here as well

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25 responses to “Chantilly High School teacher arrested”

  1. RicoSuave392

    Fucking faggot

  2. kalmanator100

    be glad he didn’t try to do u

  3. JSlShow

    Dude, he’s such a cool teacher, LoL.

  4. chrislimea


  5. youtert

    Wait a minute, so there wasn’t a real girl and it was just a sting operation?

  6. dusk8

    the little girl was a cop. so yes

  7. malone86

    Holy F*&@ I went to that school~

  8. TimeBotProductions

    man i’ll bet that mother was a real head-turner maybe 10-15 years ago…she is still pretty but man i’ll bet she was downright gorgeous in her ‘prime’ ;)

  9. ExclusiveLook

    Awesome! Cool Video!

  10. mendezrina

    omg i use to go to tat school i can’t believe

  11. BassistHigh

    i’m going there, luckily i just came here and he got arrested 1 year before

  12. xphilemike

    Just say no!

  13. japgamer00x

    i go there right now, lol

  14. bigtre85

    HAHAHAHA! He was my Spanish teacher in 11th grade! He got so mad at us one day he threw something across the room and stormed out!

  15. vjdbfvjbvjhfdbnjgbfn

    that must’ve been creepy to be his pupil.

  16. 914512

    Marcos is proof that the camera really does add 10 pounds.

  17. 914512

    omg a milf

  18. cabo02

    In 92 the one of the coaches knocked up Tracy Skyrpek a junior at the time. He was fired of coarse.

  19. blaize077

    what a freak

  20. dbesthair23

    Holy shit.. that was my spanish teacher holy shit!! I fucking hated that guy! mother fucker~ and yea, he was always flirting with the girls before too! holy shit, karma’s a bitch senor mcguire, he always hated me ‘cuz i was more popular with the girls that he was, that punk!

  21. conviction1234

    Thank god i dont have him, or will ever have.

  22. iamsammxx

    i had him 2 years ago!!! WTF

  23. youtert

    your tax dollars at work.

  24. cougarrcsnva

    “It’s a really heinous crime and we’re really taking it seriously” What a joke. There wasn’t even a real victim, it was a made up, fake, fictitious “minor” who was actually an adult. The police can’t catch real child molesters so they create these highly enticing scenarios to basically manipulate adults into doing something they never thought of or actively pursued. Notice how they say he wasn’t caught at the scene like in to catch a predator?? Isn’t that a little suspicious??

  25. cougarrcsnva

    He probably should not be teaching but I don’t think he should be punished nearly as bad as an actual child molester who assaulted a real living victim and not just some fictitioius character. These “child predator” investigators are just desperate to keep their easy detective job instead of having to work on the street so they are pulling every stunt to trick these men into saying something inappropriate and don’t even bother to set up a meeting to see if the adult would have actually showed up

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