Chardon Ohio High School Shooting Suspect in Police Custody-2 dead

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: 2nd victim died from the shooting. 2/28/12 *My Heart goes out to all that are hurt in this tragedy.* (CNN) — A teenager suspected of spraying an Ohio high school cafeteria with bullets — killing one student and wounding four — is distraught and remorseful, his lawyer said. Authorities have yet to name the teen shooter arrested in the Monday morning attack at Chardon High School. But many students, some of whom said they were steps away from the suspect when the bullets flew, described the shooter as a withdrawn boy named TJ Lane. Lawyer Bob Farinacci, speaking for Lane’s family, said late Monday night that the 17-year-old was “extremely remorseful.” “Very, very scared and extremely remorseful,” he told CNN affiliate WKYC. “He is a very confused young man right now,” Farinacci added. “He’s very confused. He is very upset. Um, he’s very distraught…himself. This is a very scary circumstance that I don’t think he could have possibly even foreseen himself in the middle of.” Read the rest at:

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25 responses to “Chardon Ohio High School Shooting Suspect in Police Custody-2 dead”

  1. MerlinOfTheWoods

    It’s only a coward that brings a knife or a gun to a fistfight. When people insist on messing with you, the first thing you try is the diplomatic approach. If that does not work and they are the sort who only understand a physical response, then you deal with them in that way. Only as far as is necessary. You don’t approach it with anything other than reluctance and regret that matters had to reach that point. You teach the lesson of not mistaking kindness for weakness and you leave it at that.

  2. scyanks7

    @Arias3523Ram you fucking dumb piece of shit

  3. ANCKemit

    Why white people keep on shooting up their schools? SMH

  4. GoyimWakeUpCall

    socially conditioning for his Zionist masters
    wake up
    dont subject your soul to this subhuman activity – their character has not changed for centuries
    they want war with Islam and Christians pitting both faiths against each other
    stop supporting this filth
    watch for the hidden hand of the hooked nose 666
    بروتوكولات صهيون
    सिय्योन की प्रोटोकॉल
    시온의 프로토콜
    پروتکل صهیون
    سییون کے پروٹوکول

  5. Onsube

    After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn’t do it. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to live in a society where the only people allowed guns are the police and the military.

  6. contibrittney

    Your all wrong he used to be friends with those kids in middle school. I went with him.

  7. ITZMillerTime30

    Another ” gun free zone ” gets attacked by psychotic gunman. When are people going to see the pattern here?

  8. ActaNonVerba71

    Try to be calm. America is a country of over 300 million people that are highly connected via modern travel and communication systems. Fear and paranoia are VERY powerful emotions that tend to captivate people’s attention. The media knows this. Hence, the old saying, “If it bleeds, it leads”. By all means, argue about issues and advocate your point of view. Note general statistics and trends. But, please try not to work yourself into a lather and completely over-generalize.

  9. WaterCrystalline

    Blame the parents and the media. The kind of crap children see on TV plays a major role in their lives. So does parenting. It’s because of those things that some individuals just can’t take it anymore. Some will sit quietly and take it. Others won’t… He was no monster. The real monsters were the folks that kept bullying him, destroying him inside. Then he reached his breaking point… He got his revenge. He made it so that those assholes would never ruin the lives of others.

  10. OldSchoolECW

    @WaterCrystalline You should really take some time to do some research before you blame the “parents”. His dad was in jail and he has never met his mom still to this day. The parent had nothing to do with it.

  11. OldSchoolECW

    @studioentertainment1 They weren’t strangers. They were people he knew. One of them was dating his ex and another one sold him fake drugs which pissed him off. And your the idiot here, your saying that if he had went after the bullies (if there were any), then it would be the right thing. No its not. Murder isn’t right. It never is. I don’t care who he goes after. It’s still not murder and there for it still isn’t right. Your the idiot here.

  12. YoungMoney835

    Why the fuck are these people crying? When my dad died, i smiled, because i was proud, dying always happens. Just proves hat you’re a true warrior, dying will always happen.

  13. ButteryAssFritz

    @YoungMoney835 Your fuckin weird.

  14. lulumcbee

    @ANCKemit That’s racist.

  15. 717rch

    If I was that kid I would have shot that fat teacher running after me. Why didn’t he?

  16. HomicidalDavid

    @contibrittney Any idea why he did the shooting? I am not from that school, I live in PA. I heard this on the news

  17. pballplayu94

    @717rch because he’s a pussy ass bitch. he should burn in hell

  18. MissKawaiiGurl

    @YoungMoney835 You have no soul.

  19. jimwatts247

    I live in bay village Ohio. And next week were doing a lock down drill each period

  20. jimwatts247

    Of the day

  21. blazedbl

    I read that celebrities like 50 cent lady gaga etc are going to make some kind of fundraiser or something to stop bullying. I’m tired of the media making the shooters look like the victims. The dead kid’s and their families are the victims not the fucking killer.

  22. IluvEdKemper

    Ohio has the death penalty. Bring back “Old Sparky”!


    @blazedbl thank you!

  24. 717rch

    @pballplayu94 yr mom

  25. InsidersHealthTV

    This shooting is tragic and very upsetting. It’s such a terrible loss that these families have to endure.  This is an extreme form of school bullying and we must somehow find a way to prevent it from happening again! We covered the shooting as well if anyone is interested in watching.

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