Club Penguin – The High School – Episode 1# Crime Notice

A cop comes to the high school and checks out Josh’s locker. Next Episode: Bank Tank Coming Nov.15 Tracy goes over to Josh’s house. She notices some guns in his bedroom. Snapshots are taken and Tracy show them to Cory

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5 responses to “Club Penguin – The High School – Episode 1# Crime Notice”

  1. xxBlueEyesxx5

    awsome this is rerarge

  2. Raydude28

    yeah i know, since u changed ur pass i couldn’t make u a character of the show but you can be a GUEST STAR but that will probaly be in the 20’s episodes lolz

  3. middy3234

    :O Can I be a guest star?

  4. Raydude28

    well i got these penguin’s password’s and in order for me to put you in my vid. so give me ur pass i promise wont ban and if u dont trust me ask these following:
    i had there pass and i didnt ban it , the others were from free rare accounts that are sold on youtube.
    so if u wanna give me the pass pm (personal messege) me and tell me the pass.

  5. middy3234

    Alright, awesome, Thanks! =D

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