CNN Watch: Steve Perry Wants School Vouchers, Tells Al Sharpton, “NAACP Is A Relic”

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15 responses to “CNN Watch: Steve Perry Wants School Vouchers, Tells Al Sharpton, “NAACP Is A Relic””

  1. hollywoodspice52

    Steve Perry is doing a good job at his school. But, vouchers are a problems. What needs to occur is that teachers, administrators, and parents of African American students must teach and parent with the same attitude as Perry and other successful school leaders. The problem is that African American students are not respected by American society, nor in the American educational system. Public schools can educates students well as long as all the adults believe in the potential of each kid and act

  2. DessalinesX

    See this is what I love about Sharpton, his extraordinary ability to effortlessly articulate complex subject matter, into nutshell terms, that even those intellectual inferiors-who are always pitted against him, in the media (like this brainwashed, self-righteous dolt, here)-are able to, easily, understand. The crucial point he outlined regarding how education ALONE is not the SOLE (or even the primary) obstacle w/ which America-born Africans, in their endless pursuit of justice, are confronted.

  3. DessalinesX

    Here, Sharpton expertly identifies the structural inequities of White Supremacy as the PRIME impediment of African progress, in the U.S. (if not the world). A fact that most contemporary, western, analysis of racial inequality, self-servingly, breaks its neck to obscure, and deny.

  4. DessalinesX

    As such, Sharpton is able to methodically illustrate, to his Negro adversary, the insanity of the flawed notion, that liberation organizations—w/ a focus on civil & human rights—are somehow irrelevant to the advancement of African ppl, in America (a fallacy, that many Negroes subscribe to hook, line and, sinker, simply because their oppressors—those who have a vested interest in their continued subordination—deceptively tell them, that such is, so).

  5. DessalinesX

    In many ways, by portraying Sharpton as a loud-mouthed, crackpot, racial charlatan (in an underhandedly, deceptive, effort to discredit him) western media, ironically, serves to assist Sharpton in these debates. As his opponets—believing the hype that they’ll be up against a loud-mouthed fool—grossly underestimate Sharpton’s eloquence and intellect.

  6. DessalinesX

    Thus, finding themselves caught up in a Columbo-esque ambush—many times, like in the current case—captured horrifically on national television. Shit’s hillarious to witness, though.

  7. JeremyForest

    That is a good comment you wrote there. It takes a village to raise a child, we need more parents involved in their children’s school programs. Parents need to start parenting and stop pointing fingers at the educational system.

  8. hollywoodspice52

    Steve Perry is making detrimental statements toward the well-being of African American Public Education frequently on CNN. Steve perry is trying to push his own agenda. Charter Schools don’t have Teachers’ Unions. Un-unionized teachers, create pandering teachers!

  9. xxashyy

    Steve Perry is right on. Finally a black man with some sense.

  10. JeremyForest

    But, what Perry is doing is trying to fight the system, and show other schools the success that he did with his Capital Preperatory Magnet High School. If he can do it, then I know that other schools should take serious notes. But, it takes a village and also parents to get more involved and make demands.

  11. CT2233

    true, because the education system is horrible especially for minorities. I recently moved to beaufort, sc and it’s horrible plus no one is motivated.

  12. JeremyForest

    I agree! I’ve seen many schools in Chicago that the education system is ridiculous. Also, I’ve seen many schools in the United States that are very below average, and it sickens me.

  13. bargesmanchester

    Unlimited Education for Our Children Facebook Page

  14. mikefnm

    black people just can’t hack it in the schools. their brains are tiny like animals. black people are savage animals

  15. mikefnm

    white people started the naacp blacks can’t do anything on their own. blacks are puppets on a string and whitey is the puppet master

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