Columbine Tribute

Tribute to the victims of the Columbine High School massacre.Sara McLaughlin I Will Remember You

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25 responses to “Columbine Tribute”

  1. iampoogley

    this is my favorite

  2. lovegodever

    Wow Mario, very nice 🙂 Nice work. Gob bless you my friend.

  3. Amber101393

    great video, very touching

  4. janziitooW

    im crying of this video end R.I.P TO ALL

  5. Digilady99

    I cried through the whole thing. I still can’t believe this really happened. Back in 9th grade, Rachel Scott’s father came to our high school and told us everything and the truth. I was SO devastated and I praying nothing like this will NEVER happen to another community high school again! My school is working together to prevent any violence in any high school on Long Island. RIP COLUMBINE VICTIMS!!! :'(

  6. nhtje

    A very good Tribute.
    It’s really touching and beautiful.

  7. JEva7057

    So sad Isaiah Shoels before they killed him they made racist jokes at him then shot him and killed his best friend in the process

  8. salochin98

    its so sad that they were shot and killed.

  9. 10yearscolumbine

    10 years ago. R.I.P

  10. baggergurl16

    Yeah I know I still remember this tragedy, I was in my last year of junior high when I heard about this and in another tribute video I saw a picture of Isaiah Shoels laying in his casket and he had his graduation cap and gown on and even though its10 years later to me the memory is still fresh

  11. wallflowerinabox

    These tragedies need to end.

  12. Michaelphelps0808

    10 years ago was the saddest day in our nation as we look back 10 years later the pain still lives in our hearts to the family of Rachel scott may the angels of god be with you as you try to find peace 10 years later and to everyone at colombine my thoughts and Prayers are with you all as we pause to Remember 10 years later a a day we will never forget April 20,1999 and its now April 20,2009 colombine you will never be forgotten to the victims Surviors of colombine high school god bless RIP…..

  13. Jollks

    R.I.P To all, I was only in 5th grade when this happened but it still affected me.

  14. Telecatplayer

    I remember exactly where I was when Columbine Happened.

  15. MmeBlay

    thank you for the beautiful & moving tribute. The audio was so sad as well.

  16. kingair81r

    Amen to that

  17. jmcdonj

    this is amazingly done. i hope you don’t mind but i will be using it for my school memorial. it’s beautifully made & the audio is extremely fitting.

  18. 4everasinger286

    it’s so terrible that their lives ended so tragically.

  19. peteythepumpkin

    best montage of columbine. rip victims and god bless the families. my dad was a victim of the 9/11 in the wor;d trade center, i may know how they feel.

  20. reedbeck7

    I love this song I remember that day well I grown up in Colorado I was in 10th grade when it happen a really sad day

  21. becca5star

    great vid R.I.P. Columbine victims

  22. bellykelly53

    Good job!!

  23. jackhbradford

    This was very moving. Rest in Peace Columbine vitims, familiesof the victims, and all the injured.

  24. misskittyco

    We will NEVER forget!


    Isaiah Shoels, before he was shot, his last thing he experienced before his death, were racial slurs and offense towards his race.

    Why is it only destruction brings us together the most?

    R.I.P. columbine victims, truely heart breaking.

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