CRIME BLOTTER: Centennial H.S. teacher arrested in student sex case

A 31-year-old Corona Centennial High School teacher has been arrested on suspicion of having sex with on students on school grounds, police say. Summer Miche…

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14 responses to “CRIME BLOTTER: Centennial H.S. teacher arrested in student sex case”

  1. tomboyrose

    Im going into freshman year there…

  2. SweetMfKandyDuh

    wooooow unexpected damn ms summers you gotta make sure that dna is gone oh well

  3. xxktm520xx

    Mrs summers you nauty girl

  4. Riooooboy

    Oh my, I knew she did this shit. I’ve been around her. Biggest tease around.

  5. Hannah Russell

    Awks I’m going into that school

  6. CyanLunchBox

    @tomboyrose what’s your name so I can dunk you’re head in the toilet at school

  7. ffffffffffffffstt

    Why couldn’t I have a teacher like that

  8. XxAngelOfTheFallenxX

    lmao and they said when they checked her facebook her favorite show was to catch a predator, oh the irony.

  9. Nicholas Warlick

    shut up i new her she was a good person i know she is innocent that school has a bunch of lowlifes and sex addicted morons so shut your mouth and go back to your to your lonely life as a nobody

  10. SweetMfKandyDuh

    @Nickcolas so true i was joking i dont know her but centennial isnt shit i go there there is worse things that she may or may not have done

  11. jessca perez

    Omge that’s she was my teacher and i went to unity camp with her, she was low-key a tease, i’ve seen her flirt a lot with a football at unity camp,kinda not surprise cuz she is kinky lol oh well if she’s innocent then she would be find.

  12. TheNoNoiSiS


  13. RyuIsCrazy


  14. dacompound420

    Fuckk I go to centennial too. Trippy as shit.

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