CRIME BLOTTER: CHP still investigating Hemet High crash

Nearly three months after eight students were injured when a classmate’s truck struck them in a crosswalk outside Hemet High School, law enforcement officials are still investigating the case.

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2 responses to “CRIME BLOTTER: CHP still investigating Hemet High crash”

  1. Carebearz76

    They should have pressed charges on this kid already. Its taking to long but I guess whos ever handling this case need to make sure all there ducks are in a row

  2. fffrancisco11

    Forgive the poor kid! he had just gotten his licence. I am 28 now but when I was 15 i took my moms van to Shaky s Pizza and crashed it on the inside of Garage. No one found out and I did not get in trouble. Let him learn from his mistake with his parents and hopefully go to college.

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