Crime In The St Thomas School – colegialas.mpg

colegialas faldas arriba

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4 responses to “Crime In The St Thomas School – colegialas.mpg”

  1. clintonearlwalker

    Wow, thanx for the upload and the English translations. I have part of this film I downloaded with a torrent, it shows the spanking part. What country is this from, does anyone know?

  2. CaptainGuelph


    The film is from the czec republic. Its made by a company called Lupus Pictures (now RGE media). I have been trying to track down a version with the spanking for years. Is there any way you could hook me up. my email is Cheers, Frank

  3. mary32724

    @clintonearlwalker Please let us see the spanking part. The first girl’s name is Smidova – which is a Russian name.

  4. clintonearlwalker

    @mary32724 I can’t upload it here, YouTube would ban me for both copyright and community guidelines, these girls get spanked naked. It’s from Lupus films, you might be able to find it if you search “Crime in the St. Thomas School” or in a torrent, I found it in a torrent, but I only have part. Sorry :(

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