Crime of the Century

A music video set to the music of Crime of the Century by Supertramp. ‘A seven-minute glimpse of shocking reality, that seems to transcend time from a post-apocalyptic world, using fantasy and reality, combined to create an alternate future. A summary of the political and post-millennial world in which we all live in, a reminder that danger lurks at every dark corner in our shadowed society.’ (James Bryn) An AWT Films production, Please rate! Thanks very much for watching.

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25 responses to “Crime of the Century”

  1. khav11

    @Ogilla ya def. not the music in the days were the shit… now it sucks ass so much…as u said humanity is over

  2. 0bananaskin0

    Great stuff!
    I agree with the comment below this…and the one below that one.
    Simple truth, yet too complex to comprehend.
    Ta very much!

  3. moneyman784951623

    Nothing beats seeing them live back when they were really popular. I was lucky enough to see them perform in 1977 and 1983.

  4. toriinprogress

    @moneyman784951623 green, green with envy. A sin…I know but I am only a “Dreamer” wishing they would bury their shit and get on with the show…

  5. BigSteinfeld

    I have to say I am not one who enjoys these types of videos. But, having said that, what you have done here is absolutely brilliant. The mix of music (by far one of my favourite songs) and the visuals you have it playing to, is excellent. Thank you for posting this. I thouroughly enjoyed watching.

  6. foxyroxytm

    This song is so rich!

  7. franciscocmatos

    AWESOME!!! i´ve listened to it for the first time this very morning and i couldnt get the song of my head! These drums are so intense

  8. D45TR1K3

    Very nice, good job finding the images.

  9. TheSushidave

    iam lucky to have been around when this came out its been a part of my life, its history!

  10. kodieat

    brits know how to ROCK! what we can we say.

  11. bravicimo

    Every single nanosecond of this song is a moment of ecstasy

  12. WestiGirl

    Ok, I’ve been reading some of the comments on this video and I just have to say this: You people are wonderful!! You’re so nice and polite, with such great taste in music and similar opinions to my own. This video has brought together a community of lovely people!
    I love you all! 😀

  13. alexanderthompson

    @BigSteinfeld thanks very much for your comment! Much appreciated.

  14. alexanderthompson

    @D45TR1K3 Just to point out, everything in the little video was original footage shot and edited etc by me! (except of course the twin towers etc) I’m very glad you like it.

  15. alexanderthompson

    @WestiGirl I know? Its very pleasant as the maker not to peer upon obscenities under my video. It’s nice to know people enjoy it. Thanks for your comment

  16. alexanderthompson

    @Paulchafer haha you’re too kind, glad you enjoyed it!

  17. ifyouw

    This is a very fine job on a great song.

  18. chicknoodles1111

    chicknoodles Always loved this track and knew its significance then and now, piano the best!

  19. magaha63


  20. taxidude

    @kodieat It is for those of us of a certain age. We used to take the vynil albums to school with us!

  21. dabycle

    i love the way it get in progress… it’s just brilliant, wonderful song…

  22. StevRider

    Live in Paris version is ten times better 🙂

  23. DeathXter

    This is Ace. Love it.

  24. TheXxxHUSTLERxx

    Pure genius.. this is a classic song I was so fortunate to hear as kid.. made me appreciate really good music at a young age.. thats stuck with me to this day…
    The video is excellent too… well done guys..

  25. MrRamblinrose

    I’m now realising why I’m such a cynical bastard,, twas the music of my youth that made me think

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