Crime of the Century – END THE FED!

Ron Paul – 2012! Powerful! Watch, listen… think. For almost a century, the Federal Reserve has been bleeding the people’s wealth through inflation, debt, war, and the federal income tax. If you’re not angry yet, watch this video. Learn the truth. For more info watch Fiat Empire, and Zeitgeist (available on YouTube and Google Video). Also read: “The Creature From Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin “Secrets of the Federal Reserve” by Eustace Mullins “What has our Country Done to our Money” by Murray N. Rothbard The song “Crime of the Century” is by Supertramp.

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25 responses to “Crime of the Century – END THE FED!”

  1. SilentNoMorePubs

    If you understand the Fed, get your family & friends to watch the YouTube video WHY WE ARE IN SO MUCH DEBT. It provides the simplest, clearest explanation yet.

  2. KellyBtech

    I really do hope there are intelligent people in America fighting big government effectively because most of us are still asleep in the Matrix. Of those of us who have awakened, precious few have the wherewithal to resist. We need accountability enforced upon the criminals who manipulate our political system, but I don’t see that happening until the lord returns in His fury. The powers that be have a strangle hold on humanity that cannot be broken by mere mortal man.

  3. KellyBtech

    The best of us can’t uphold goodness or God’s standards & few of us are trying… (Gen 8:21 …for the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth ) so dispite our best efforts we can only delay the inevitable, nevertheless, the defenders of truth, good & righteousness must never retreat. It is our ultimate purpose to fight evil when we have identified it. Let us do what we can to resit evil & try to establish God’s will on earth as it is in heaven. In heaven the angels defeat their enemy.

  4. michielma

    the Federal Reserve has been bleeding the people’s wealth through inflation, debt, war, and the federal income tax.

  5. Ogilla

    it’s a fail.. Even if “many” people think like we do, even if “many” people understand that they are slaves, we can’t do anything about the world, we can not change it, it’s impossible.. everyone is stupid.. sad world..

  6. wolfhybred

    @Erikrhino9 Oh yeah ! I think I just had a braingasm. Thank you. !
    Wish your comment was more recent though. END THE FED or at least have a real AUDIT !

  7. IAmFweddieOo

    Okay, all of you people who do not believe in these facts; I’m not gonna say ‘i told ya’ when it happens.. I’m just gonna smile at you.. (:

  8. B0bL0bl4w

    @gmoYou’re very right- the reason this happens is because there are central banks all over the world doing the same exact thing. I think he focuses on the US because that is more than likely his country of origin.

  9. centervilletn

    so what will the Banksters do if people just go rogue and start batering and trading and “dropout”?….After 2 years unemployment ive learned a few things… i dont NEED as much as i wast told i needed, i can grow much of my own food, people are willing to trade goods and services, goodwill clothing is tax free and passive solar devices work, and government is your enemy…im sure im not alone in these lessons

  10. ArcturiusfireW

    @gmorl your the moron asswhipe why don’t you go suck a Nazi dick and shut the hell up!

  11. MrMudpuppy1

    Hey, I thought all we had do was give big tax breaks to the weathly and everything would be wonderful.

  12. ditendo

    right or left we are fucked, to move forward we have to go in front. right-left = 1D (1 diemsion) right-left-front-back=2D ( 2 dimension)

  13. WiseOneNoDrugs

    Be sure to see “Fall of the Republic” on youtube. Ron Paul is CORRECT. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Go the the Alex Jones Channel … educate yourself and save yourself from the BANKSTERS and the corrupt money system.

  14. Zecamala1234

    While most americans are worried about the final episode of dancing with the stars or what Sara Palin have said, our people lives another day in slavery.
    That’s a shame.

  15. olga2415

    What is it with this screeching singing in these videos? This rediculous singing of the message trivializes the message. I KNOW all about this issue ; have read Title 26, US code book myself, and even challenged the IRS in court, but some others might want to be exposed to it in a more sober frame of mind than this mindless singing hanging over. One doesn’t learn as easily when one is distracted by music and lyrics. It is more the method of brainwashers than those who seriously inform.

  16. jimdennett46

    @gmorl the value originally was based on a gold system.. On a 1933 us dollar bill u can see it is redeemable in gold… Now there is no gold in fort knox there is just LEGAL TENDER which means its based on nothing but yours and my faith..He is correct that from 1933 till now so much non backed money has been printed it is truly only worth around 4cents…This just goes to show that truly u are the ignorant moron..Put your IPOD back on and go back to sleep…. IDIOT

  17. jimdennett46

    @adock321 whats wrong with you..Your too blind or brainwashed into the system of debt….or your just plain stupid?? or someone paid you to say such stupidness….. your pathetic

  18. jimdennett46

    @centervilletn – anyone who says your wrong is one of them, or paid by them to say it.. Someone should make a Video using the song “The things I do for money” and show all the police and army fugging up people

  19. gmorl

    @jimdennett46 the value of something is based solely on what it can purchase/acquire. Who says gold is worth anything? If you can purchase $500 US dollars with an ounce of gold (making up numbers here), then $500 us dollars is worth one ounce of gold, and vice versa, but neither are worth anything in reality because you can’t make many useful items with gold and US dollars are just pieces of paper. Unless you have a buyer, nothing has any “true” value.

  20. gmorl

    @Erikrhino9 therefore, the US dollar is as valuable as the goods it can purchase in world markets. You’ve proved my point but simply put it differently…

  21. TheMichaelsearcy

    The picture of the guy with the “Will code html for food sign” is not real. John C Dvorak claims in PCmag he set that up as an april fools joke. Do a search for “Hoax Nation PC mag” to see it.

  22. ADVENTualy

    Yeah!? We all know in the back of our greedy minds what governence means, we just think we will be winners and be top of the heap. Hope springs eternal!
    Have a look. Have a look. Sale. Sale. Sale.
    We have a better chance of being shot dead by a policemen in innocence than winning this lottery. Keep faith with your soul. you know the truth. Don’t follow leaders and watch the parking meters. It’s allways a struggle, so try to be REAL.

  23. kdills

    Although our family voted for Obama, we now see that it is really the corporations and the bankers that run-own this country. So it makes no difference who is President. We MUST get rid of the Fed-but NOTgo on any gold standard that can be speculated, and most people can’t afford to buy it.

  24. bellcord

    Bad piano playing doesn’t make a case for or against the Fed..

  25. dognextdoor

    how true, we are slaves to the rich and wall st.

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