Crime Scene Lab (School Project)

Sorry guys, but this isn’t a drawing video. I’m too lazy to make a second channel for all my non-drawing videos, so I’ll just be uploading them here when I need to. c: This is a video my group made for our project in bio. Basically, we were given a crime scene scenario, and we had to piece all the pieces of evidence together and create a story to explain everything. So, here’s the story we were given: Felix Navidad inherited a LOT of money after his parents died in a freak ski trip accident. So, he uses some of that money to buy a beach house, where he decides to invite four of his closest friends. His “friends”, however, aren’t exactly fond of him, and only go because they find out that they are all named equally in his will. During the party, Felix is found dead. His body is later sent to the morgue, but it disappears before an autopsy can be performed. So here’s the story my group came up with: After finding out that Felix has named them equally in his will, Alfredo, Vera, and Kendra decide to kill him for his money. Gene, the fourth guest, is uninvolved in this plot, and instead falls asleep outside on the beach while the killing takes place. Three days after Felix’s body is sent to the morgue, Felix comes back to life as a ninja, and is then chased by Mr. Inspector, leading to a cliffhanger ending. 😀 The video isn’t that great, but it’s the first legit video my group members and I have ever tried to make. c: Character roles and song credits are all in the video.

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