Crime Scene South Central LA!!!

Im not sure if you heard the news about the young football star killed recently on the Westside- Well I dont know if what happened at this location was retaliation for that murder… But at this street corner 6 children were gunned down in cold blood… Let that sink in- 6 CHILDREN. * For some reason this heinous act was not deemed as newsworthy as a high school football stars murder. How low have we sunk as a nation when we dont even blink an eye when innocent children are gunned down? i …

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25 responses to “Crime Scene South Central LA!!!”

  1. pimp90650

    im chirstian but i got to say that he puts it down

  2. bigmacpollo

    nobody died like 7 people got shot by some nigga from 48 gangster crips he was shootin at a blood …. i live klose to there this is on central n vernon off the 105 bus 43rd n avalon niggas i went to carver but now i go to south central high skoo ……….. south centrall till i drop nigga

  3. 20PuNcH


  4. 164164164

    religions are fucking stupid…

  5. yhj77


  6. microastronomy

    A great man once said
    “nothing to kill or die for
    and no religion too
    IMAGINE all the people
    living life in PEACE”
    American’s…Using the “love of god” to justify everything. No different to the islamic people who you murder and blame for your misery. Hitler was christian…he used jesus justify the murder of millions yet americans still use this pathetic outdated excuse. SHAME SHAME SHAME

  7. tremone21

    black people need to get educated and get out of california. who cares if mexicans take over. fuck california. go to florida, atlanta, louisiana, and texas. sometimes you have to look for other opportunities somewhere else.

  8. getgus

    I know,they’re man enough to go after kids but not a cop.

  9. ezikiel042885

    I need name and album, nice flows and you got positive words to it,

  10. oner8214

    Can anyone lighten me on what happened here? When did this crime occur?

  11. sports89man7

    i dont know how people can live in LA, you people are fuckin crazy, over where i live there hasn’t been a murder in 25 years.. and i live in a suburb of WASHINGTION DC…. dont have to worry about goin outside my house and gettin shot..haha LOL

  12. sports89man7

    man, i dont know how you people do it out there, ur fuckin crazy… i live in a suburb of WASHINGTON DC, and i thank god that i can go outside my house and not get shot… i couldn’t stand it… there hasnt been a murder in my neighborhood in 5 years…

  13. pineappleexpresion

    seems like march 08 sum kids got shot and the church is working to prevent that bull .KIDS! hell no…

  14. joselito4you

    good job!! Lord jesus is with you

  15. ricco231

    mid 08 in southcentral… near carver middle school in da corner of vernon and central.. a black dude shot at a croud of latino kids

    i stay near dat Jacks!!

  16. frostedhead

    I’ve got the remedy, move.

  17. EddyMcK

    that rap was fresh

  18. SGTkendo

    That happened 2 blocks down at McKinley and Vernon Ave right outside Carver Middle School.

    and NOOO, the kids did not die. There was a suspect who was shooting at someone, and the children were caught in the cross fire.

    And YES, this made it into the news.


    Before posting up information, how about READING up on it..

  19. K1T1T0

    IT’S A WAR.

  20. ujbt

    look @ tht crackhead girl! lol

  21. ErikWestrup

    Who’s the rapper?

  22. Random2605

    that guys pretty good for a christian emcee

  23. theeastside4real

    thats on vernon

  24. mccobb3221

    La police department is trash and they deserve everything that they get I dont feel shit when one of them die!

  25. 00chubbs00

    lol i live around here

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