Crime Watch September 28 2005

My friend, the yellow bright shirt was there

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25 responses to “Crime Watch September 28 2005”

  1. B747lover

    The Sim Card Could On A Line One.
    If Not It Must Be A Top-Up Sim-Card

  2. thsuperbkid

    Anyw , th police sure advised me to be cautioned and aware of public crimes .

  3. TheBabybutterfly

    plz check out my videos and let me know what you think.
    plz dont be too harsh.
    no mean comments. they will be removed. thanks

  4. animefreak38

    LOL stupid sia -_-

  5. mhcampboy

    my sim card….lol

  6. sindude300

    i couldnt stop laughing hahahaha

  7. sindude300

    the girlfriend is so ugly

  8. x4JOZ215

    wow thats a dumbass lil kid

  9. SlurpSilencer

    track imei no.

  10. Draconla

    my advice to you is learn martial art before you go to secondary school
    by primary 4 you should learn it to protect yourself.

  11. TheHalojeff

    ugly like hell

  12. LeenaPark

    i rather watch true files

  13. mkesdk

    Dont go neear Singapore. If you are non gouvernment you won’t get any help

  14. rohaimie

    your friend look gong gong

  15. NotOriousboi

    please dont remove this video.. memories for me. i’m the guy in the uniform from 2.50 onwards. thanks for uploading

  16. SGboydevil

    ugly couples

  17. SuperDoubleKill

    @NotOriousboi hahaha RUn away LOL Scared ? Haha Dumb Lent HP Why DUn RUN .. U BETTER GET KILELD !!!!

  18. Nickof24

    If I am the victim the guy would be bleeding on the floor.

  19. aaronlameboy

    guys i am the designer of this gun, known as the laser gun

  20. leezhiwei97

    yearhh right…

  21. leezhiwei97

    why you lent him walao …

  22. tianfu99

    we are not watching ch 5 we are watching youtube lol

  23. janemichael26

    how do you record this when u didnt see them??

  24. djwills8000

    @janemichael26 cctv

  25. janemichael26

    LOL there some cctv cams but not all on sides meh ?

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