Crimewatch – school burglars

Crimewatch – school burglars

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25 responses to “Crimewatch – school burglars”

  1. hengjinkwee

    Lol dumbasses they put a clear evidence on the police case LOL -.-

  2. gohshuifa

    Dense, drink the coke and left the bottles there.

  3. cenaholics

    Low volume seyy

  4. DeathGodXantha

    One of them dudes, looked like the main character in Death Note xD

    Random Moment xD

  5. blackpower911

    what the fuck did they steal at schools to make money?Do schools there have safes?

  6. zhiyong125

    they robbing the school vendors

  7. crazyw0men

    thats my school !

  8. MysteriozBoy

    ei! 2:31
    Siao ar? haha

  9. TroubleLized

    AHHHH….STUPID……no life or what sia?

  10. rayispro999

    4:18. Super funny goon face! LOL

  11. lfstweak420

    Hey that’s our school canteen! LOL What a coincidence!

  12. mapleahma

    Shoot Kia xia!!!

  13. Supercarts1234

    Your right!! 4:18 has a very funny face!! LOL!!

  14. MidnightMadhatter

    Wait a minute…is that my school? Seng Kang Secondary??

  15. TheHalojeff

    if they rob my school i will kill them

  16. rachidizere

    omg such harsh sentances 7years??!!?!?!!!!! In England it wont even be a year probably a fine and community service. And hit by a cane hahahaha

  17. TheSheryl23

    there is also even 42 yrs . singapore compared to England isdifferent..

  18. fah85

    My old secondary being target before by so called gang 369.

  19. TheHalojeff

    they really rob my school

  20. cjcjx1

    thats why are law is so fucked up

  21. ranger0504

    damn when i was p4 my primary school was also been rob before

  22. BlatProductions

    crimewatch is scary

  23. SGboydevil

    wow this is the 1st time i heard a school break in….

  24. xiaobaobei92

    hahas lucky don have north vistaa sec.! weird..they shud put coins and money at home for canteen

  25. Myles0Harcourt

    hahaha they use canes!


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