Criminal Law Intents – Learn what Most Professors in Law School Do Not Understand Learn criminal law intents such as specific intent, malice , and general intent the proper way and why the felony murder rule was crea…

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7 responses to “Criminal Law Intents – Learn what Most Professors in Law School Do Not Understand”

  1. blackreconops

    Lmao…i should have looked for this video at the start of my substantive law class

  2. TheCollegeFinder

    its still not late dude

  3. Jose Santos

    Interesting,do have any videous on English Law?

  4. Lawschoolsuccess

    That video talks about the common law and how criminal intents were originally constructed. It is applicable to both Commonwealth and US law. Of course, the UK no longer accepts the felony murder rule.

  5. clubbox84

    Great lecture!

  6. Kevin DeVore

    Why does the UK no longer accept the felony murder rule?

  7. Lawschoolsuccess

    In 1957 England abolished the felony-murder rule. Section 1 of England’s Homicide Act, 1957, 5 & 6 Eliz 2, c 11, § 1. They reason it is unfair to the criminal to impute the intent to murder simply from the fact that the “killer” committed an act that is known to be inherently dangerous to people and someone dies. They feel murder should be reserved to those who actually express malice for murder and not imputed malice for murder.

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