Derrion Albert – Black On Black Crime

When I saw what happen to brother Derrion Albert, I had just wanted to show my Condolences to the Family. If it happens to one person then it happens to all of us. ~Shalom~ Four teenagers have been charged with first-degree murder in Derrion Albert’s beating death. Silvanus Shannon, 19, Eugene Riley, 18, and Eric Carson, 16, all of Chicago, were charged as adults ordered held without bond. Eugene Bailey, 18, was also charged with first-degree murder and will appear in court Tuesday …

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23 responses to “Derrion Albert – Black On Black Crime”

  1. amyasgrandma2008

    willie lynch letter was right so the ppl that dont know about it need to read it your conscience has to be elevated…ppl please stop the violence!

  2. Bribreezybby

    wow .. you did a very nice job.

  3. Major2219


    Thank you brother. I hope this makes people stop the Black On Black Crime.


  4. Dakwon77

    Beautiful Video, Love The Song, One day it will stop. One Day is all It will take

  5. thesouthrapsucks

    black niggs in america are lost im black a real blackman from europe i have a wife and a degree i dont kill my own people..i hate yo for this blacks in america i hate you for this shame on our race

  6. Major2219


    Don’t call us niggs. Say like brothers or black people or Black Hebrew dudes but not Niggs.


  7. brotherpassar

    Thats why I had to move out of the hood

  8. khussett

    it’s not willie lynch, people are responsible for their own actions and they need to accept that, i don’t care if anyone on here calls me an uncle tom either

  9. Major2219


    You don’t have to worry about that, I don’t allow racial slurs no comments on my channel.


  10. kambridge967


  11. DrHeathenScum

    when will the madness end? When shooting worthless shitbag gangbanger faggots in the forehead becomes a misdemeanor.

  12. Major2219


    See “Gentiles” like you don’t surprise me when you leave moronic comments like you just left. let’s oppress you race which are call Edomites for 400years and see how you turn out?

    FYI: America that you love and Cherish so much will be destroyed by nuclear Bomb Fire by other countries. Yes it will happen in our life time!!
    ~Shalom~ Christ Wins In the End!!!

  13. Apiphanyvance

    Well okay listen TheSymbolofPromximity , i am a Mixed girl mixed with mostly black i do live in chicago i do not kll people at all me nd my friendsz do stupid stuff but never to kill thats a big issue

  14. SwaqqThatSingerGirl

    - this is just sad & its true ,
    Us in the black community
    should DO BETTER !
    this poor kid lost his life because of the shit that
    we DID! & what buggs me is no one tried to stop this shit …. … Its all fun and games until a lil kid dies man ,,,, we will we see
    that we are the key to make the future better ?

  15. shawnsbigtube

    Watch it, b*tch!!

  16. kambridge967

    Like i said before animals!

  17. bman194

    so are you sating black on white crime is ok? what about white on white? or white on black? dont play the race card man, grow up

  18. Major2219


    Was your question to me or someone else who left a comment???

  19. bman194

    my comment was not left to you, but to this video in general, and to anyone who thinks black on black crime is any worse then any other crime

  20. Major2219


    My video wasn’t posting to support more crime against the other race, it was posted to stop the killing & stop killing your own brothers & sisters, there was a time when people of color actually got along without shooting each other to prove there not a punk. Stop the violets!!


  21. bman194

    well i can agree that it is not directed to in courage crime against certain races, but i believe any crime of that matter is bad, just because the crime is a black person killing a black person does NOT make it any worse then a white person killing a black person, a black person killing a white person or a white person killing a white person, they are all equally tragic, and it sounds ignorant of you to say ppl of color got along to prove something

  22. Major2219


    You’re twisting what I’m saying! I don’t support violets rather you black or white. I stated there was a time when black people didn’t kill each other like this as seen in this video! I said there was a time when they used to stick together & work together instead of acting like wild animals.


  23. dscottn101

    Only black people! It’s a damn shame

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