Door to Door Vaccinations: Mom to Nurse, ‘Get The F☠ck Out!’

Real News @ RevolutionNews.US — Say No to Vaccines – don’t put your health at risk! wow, over 15000 views in a couple of days… this one is sure to be removed by youtube for ‘inappropriate content’ Most people are not aware that they should be asking the question – Should I vaccinate? Since the first mandatory vaccination law was passed in the US (1903), the belief in vaccination has been promoted by a pro-vaccine government, a pro-vaccine school system and a pro-vaccine western allopathic medicine industry. The government: The US government is the largest purchaser of vaccines in the country. In fact, nearly 30 percent of the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) annual budget is composed of purchasing vaccines and ensuring vaccination is completed for every child in the country. Laws have been passed to protect vaccine manufactures from liability while at the same time, state laws require parents to inject their children with up to 100 vaccination antigens prior to entering school. If a vaccine injury — or death — occurs after a vaccine, parents cannot sue the doctor, the drug company or the government; they required to petition the Vaccine Court for damages, which can take years and is often denied. The schools: Each state has school vaccination laws which require children of appropriate age to be vaccinated for several communicable diseases. State vaccination laws mandate that children be vaccinated prior to being allowed to attend public or private schools. Failure 

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25 responses to “Door to Door Vaccinations: Mom to Nurse, ‘Get The F☠ck Out!’”

  1. deathtonwoscum

    She was nice, I’d stick my ak 47 in their face and vaccinate them with some lead.

  2. Tamayo1980

    @deathtonwoscum lol i almost fell out my chair good shit.

  3. 1spiralman

    the government is trying to take away our individual rights. they should not have the right to make your kid get a vacination. almost all vacinations are not tested enough and cause many health problems including death. drug companies have tons of lobbyists.

  4. hypermolicule

    Come to my house and leave bloody mother fu-ker,,,,,,,,

  5. RevolutionNewsUS

    @u311224 it’s much easier to kill the messenger than to cut/paste this into google and youtube:

    cancer viruses in the vaccine?


  6. u311224

    The freedom to choose is always a pretty strong debate. Those who are vaccinated and those who are not will determine their own fates….??? Could we leave it there?? Or can those who are vaccinated get sick from someone who is not?

  7. u311224

    @RevolutionNewsUS Whoa I had no idea about the science behind the vaccines….!!! Great clip!

  8. twin1010101010

    if they come on my property, i can legally shoot them for tresspasing.

    fucking cocksuckers.

  9. ChicanoGangster316

    Keep out of my property! Land of the free ,na its land of the theifs home of the snakes!! Wake up people lets unite and put this to a END!!!! Email me for info

  10. manoobo

    Bravo for the mother’s speaking out…..and for the record I had whooping cough as a child….I am now well into the 5th decade of my life and gee, no issues.

  11. robinsintree

    I read this: There really isn’t any evidence to show that vaccination programmes have ever been of any real value – either to individuals or to communities.How long do the antibodies last? Do they always work? What about those individuals who don’t produce antibodies at all? Vaccination, like so much of medicine, is a far more inexact science than doctors (and drug companies) would like us to think.

  12. robinsintree

    I read this too: Scares often consist of claiming that a major epidemic is just around the corner and that only vaccination can offer protection. I have lost count of the number of whooping cough epidemics which governments have wrongly forecast. Governments and their advisers are either unbelievably stupid or else they are deliberately lying to help boost drug company profits. There are plans to develop bananas which ‘protect’ against hepatitis B, measles, yellow fever and poliomyelitis.

  13. robinsintree

    Vernon Coleman site: The first vaccine which really attracted my attention was the whooping cough vaccine. For years now whooping cough has not been a major killer disease – not, at least, in most westernised, developed countries and for many years I have believed – and publicly argued – that the number of children allegedly brain damaged by the vaccine has, during the last decade or two, probably exceeded the number allegedly killed by the disease itself.

  14. robinsintree

    Another quote from Vernon Coleman site: Failure rates with other vaccines are also high. There is much evidence to show that the polio vaccine may fail (some outbreaks of polio seem more likely to affect the vaccinated than the unvaccinated) and one study showed that a vaccination given to protect against meningitis increased a child’s risk of contracting the disease by five times.Other studies have shown that the vaccine increases susceptibility to complications.

  15. robinsintree

    Essential questions to ask
    How dangerous is the disease -for the vaccine being given?
    How effective is it?
    How dangerous is it?
    Who should not be given the vaccine?
    Patients are to ask doctors to give them written confirmation that they investigated the risk-benefit ratio of vaccine and that they believe the vaccine is safe for that patient. How could a doctor object to signing?

  16. neomisterp

    Anyone notice how he claims “We’re here to give them the vaccine” and not “Would you like to have a vaccine?”.

  17. nubia1950

    HELL NO NO NO………………………vaccinate 1)hunger 2)wrongful government 3)ignorance 4)ILLITERACY… REPEAT of H.I.V.//AUTISM//Tuskegee experimentation//HENRIETTA LACKS……..fuck the united (flakes) of amerika

  18. 45vincentconnolly

    Here in ireland the swine flu vaccine was withdrawn from clinics and pharmacies after growing numbers of kids developed permanent narcolepsy. The current minister for health says the link hasn’t been established yet, in spite of the fact such a link has been established in Sweden and Australia. The previous minister indemnified the manufacturer against liability for vaccine injury prior to distribution of this evil poison. She got her orders from the pharma lobby of the EU.

  19. lovegr8

    this is NAZI

  20. lovegr8

    this is NAZI, for real

  21. lovegr8

    come to my home and your dead, motherfuckers, ore if you hurt my family…

  22. mtnmahogany

    Wow, …there are no words….

  23. BigPermntheWorm

    order of the new world

  24. michaeldanova

    1)Not Nazi (2) Thomas Jefferson’s quote to start off the vid is relevant in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s when he was alive and there were 4-5 million people in the us. (3) IDK about you but i only got sick when i was in high school and in college. people are fucking stupid and inconsiderate and let there kids goto school when they are ill. (Not Cool). I would rather be vaccinated and not get ill and spread the illness. This is not a new world order. what is the US without its people? Nothing

  25. DoNotGreveItsLogical

    Problem with the internet is you can say pretty much about anything and people will believe it is true. Cancer is a function of age. Wouldn’t you expect Africa with a continent life expectancy of 50 to have lower rates than the United States at 78? BTW, tetanus is deadly, there is no cure unless you include getting the vaccine BEFORE you get the disease not AFTER you get punctured. Measles kills, not infects 30,000 a year in Africa. US 200 cases this year, mostly from the unvaccinated

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