Drunk Driver Captains School Bus

Older children amongst the approximately three-dozen students that road a school bus in Allegany County knew that there was something wrong with their bus driver. Their driver, 55-year-old Martha Thompson took the kids on a wild ride that saw the school bus hit high speeds, run over a mailbox and roll backwards down hill. The problem was that Thompson was drunk. Full article: su.pr [Source: Live Leak] [Voice-over, video untouched]

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16 responses to “Drunk Driver Captains School Bus”

  1. vyanez08

    that number 10 bitch is a drama queen

  2. Aexsaergkatae

    stupid bitch driver

  3. nonnahsblue1

    The older kids need an award for standing up to this drunk evil woman!!!!

  4. chipmunksaudiomaker3

    stupid maybe the hill was really bad stupid fucker

  5. vyanez08

    be quiet stupid monkey

  6. chipmunksaudiomaker3


  7. vyanez08

    be quiet stupid monkey

  8. jjinc24

    Poor little kid at 3:58

  9. gajda1984

    Crazy drunken whore of a bus driver! Good going with those poor kids!

  10. Struggle2015

    if the lady had of smoke a joint, she wouldnt have been no ware as near intoxicated as she was during this ordeal.

    Legalize Marijuana

  11. bellamovie2

    There were little kids on that bus, and the three teenagers were worried about them.

  12. xxBorn2kill

    xD amys amys

  13. TERRORcone

    @Struggle2015 …and if you stopped smoking weed you might be able to know how to use the english language.

  14. Struggle2015


    hey ass hole, so what i have a few spelling, grammatical errors. as long as i get my point across is all that matters. now how does marijuana, and one’s use of the English language, a language that is comprised of several other languages to begin with, has anything to do with each other? Obviously, avioding marijuana does nothing towards stoping dimwitted ass holes from posting un necicary replies.

    now, spell check that mothafucka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. nigganthebeaner

    @Struggle2015 I did, and you misspelled avoiding,,,,way to go….

  16. pizzaboy379

    I’d pull the brake on take the keys and throw them. I don’t care how much trouble i’d get into that woman wouldn’t be driving my bus!

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