Educational institutes responsible for crime in India: Mumbai Police Commissioner

The statement of Satyapal Singh a Mumbai Commissioner of Police that the schools and colleges are not imparting value education to kids and youths that has led increasing number of crime in the city like Mumbai, Delhi have outraged the city school and college principals. In one of the event Bharat Merchants Chamber foundation day 54th yesterday, our Mumbai CP stated “Hamare schools aur colleges mein jo shiksha di jaati hai who sanskarheen di jati hai.’ Video courtesy: AajTak

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2 responses to “Educational institutes responsible for crime in India: Mumbai Police Commissioner”

  1. in4tunio

    Given the kind of language the college students use for conversation, and nowadays even school students, I have to say I agree with the police officer, although has certainly has gone overboard with the suicide-related statement while trying to emphasize the hollowness of the education system. Indian education is only about competition, no imparting values, no encouragement of talents.

  2. Biswajit Nanda

    I believe the media is equally responsible for Crime in India. Big Boss which is a family show in india invited a porn actress to be in limelight and this has increased the no of internet searches including teens. Film directors also put ghee in fire by offering roles in bollywood movies. Why times of india today displaying so much sexual contents? I question media,bollywood directors and producers why they are not acting responsibly?

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