Elliot Goes to School: Field Trips

25 responses to “Elliot Goes to School: Field Trips”

  1. Dudmine

    Wrong room Ms.person *slap The retard conventions down the other way XD can’t stop laughing

  2. XeroOwnz

    No, Bill Clinton, Doobeys are not the answer.

  3. XeroOwnz


  4. kareleedo100

    hey kitty0706 i hava idea for an awesome vid Elliot Goes camping let me no if you like it

  5. RobotChicken28

    Well Kitty, Another great elliot goes to school, Keep them coming, me and my friends love them, Dubies!

  6. spastickid218

    Wow, how is it that 149 people accidentally hit the dislike button?

  7. TheRyan68

    My names elmer

  8. dasbo1fan

    And yet still can not be beaten Kitty is the man and sorry I tyred to get gmod but my PC eats slownis like elmar


    if you want to punch brandon in the ear then vote this up :D

  10. killbob234

    ha ms.P! P as in DICK!

  11. KotorFan97

    The 150 who dont like this, they must have no humor, or never went to skewl.

  12. gabittooasiis

    Hey we learned something, he’s name is Elmer


    Which jackass just pushed the dislike button? Anyway whoever did it, go f**k your self!(bitch)

  14. RussianSpy75

    now how do you say shoes? dubies lol

  15. Vakamadisk

    Mr. Cool: How do you say shoes in Italian?
    Me: Scarpe!
    Brandon: Shut your face!
    Me: Ok*faces disappears for a few seconds then reappears in the next shot* That was weird.
    LOL Great stuff.

  16. 2000sMusicSux

    funniest of em all :D

  17. Kharne66

    yes. i suppose it would have been more politically correct to kill the women and the minorities first. * shoots ms. person* LLOLOOOLOLOLOLLLOOLOLOLLLOLOL

  18. Kharne66

    LOL ironic because the postal guy shot her in the throat.

  19. dasadarkleader

    Lol love the part where there in class and elmar slowly enters the screen – “My names…Elmar” *slowly backs off*

  20. Kano957

    eheeeheehehee….. my names Elmr

  21. brammemans10

    lol ‘a friendly AC-130 is in the air’*BOOM*

  22. DeathofChrono

    Holy tits! Is that CHOCOLATE?! *yoink*


    @killingdj0 shut up folding chair go fold or somthing

  24. DNAakaDragonNAngel

    whats the voice acter of
    0:24 shut up
    and 0:25 whoa and bitch S lol

  25. killingdj0


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