[ENGSUB] 110621 Cube Family Crime Prevention – Middle School

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24 responses to “[ENGSUB] 110621 Cube Family Crime Prevention – Middle School”

  1. 4M_Nana

    Jiyoon and Junhyung gangster couple and married couple with Yoseob as their son!! Perfect! LOL!

  2. hingoppa

    wtf who plays basketball in those outfits

  3. CloudyXSky

    o_o I thought that was Doojoon. It looks and sounds like him

  4. aaachika

    wow!! this is d first time i saw gna with dong woon.. lol.. they look perfect couple.. handsome guy wt beautiful woman.. they look like foreigner couple.. it will be perfect if they speak english.. haha.. XD n gna didnt look older at all.. my new faveret couple.. hehe.. ;o)

  5. KTbeat

    Is that what these people call bullying? o boy…

  6. sdafjkashdjkasgdhvsa

    Instead of teaching people how to avoid sexual violence by not walking alone in dark places, etc, we as a society should be teaching people not to COMMIT sexual violence instead!

  7. sdafjkashdjkasgdhvsa

    Gotta love the Cube family! ^^

  8. tEtZ05

    i want hyuna to do acting too. T.T

  9. feariekelly

    well there is always gonna be weirdos and pedo etc out there so we cant really stop those sickos but we can sure avoid them….

  10. Bleach4Soifon

    Watch G.Na’s M I’ll back off so you can live better. It has her and dong woon 🙂

  11. aaachika

    but it was her and doo joon wasnt it? 😉

  12. reeginasays

    lol I love the cube family xD <3

  13. Crystal S

    do people really use emergency whistles? lol and i don’t think that there’s rarely a time where you don’t ride an elevator with strangers. but then again it’s geared towards middle schoolers.

  14. selenago5mez

    Kikwang so cute

  15. selenago5mez

    Moira123 it’s just acting,they need somebody to be yoseob’s father

  16. rainnengan

    lol jiyoon gangster

  17. draineme

    the part where g.na steps off the elevator
    you can actually do that
    it might seem rude but
    since your uncomfortable
    that’s the best way
    and for the whistle thingy
    the whistle is actually a helpful tool on any emergency
    (mostly for natural emergencies)
    but can also be used against criminals
    (to seek help since police,security guards tend to go where whistles are sounded)

  18. draineme

    just noticing now
    gna + hyuna used to sleep together
    now hyuna + jihyun shares same room
    XD heehee

  19. HaraChux

    heol….Dongwoon looks like a byuntae in the elevator! XD Junhyung & Jiyoon as parents and Yoseob as son?! i could help laugh! XD kikwang as game addict? suits him lol . Hyunseung not in here…Sohyun just appeared for a sec TT.TT

  20. Matthew Wentz

    Korea school violence = uncomfortably touching neck. America school violence = Hazing and Shooting up schools. America needs structured culture…

  21. Fudgers

    Why is Dongwoon the creeper in the elevator? :[

  22. matheuspaog

    the way that jihyun turns her head and body @1:39 to say ‘ghansameda’ it’s freaking hilarious loooooooooooool

  23. PercentExpert30

    Is their 112 the same as our 911?

  24. Silviija

    ‘you look handsome’

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