Faith Schools And Children’s Rights

Science & Reason on Facebook: Faith Schools And Children’s Rights – Richard Dawkins @ The Big Debate (BBC). — Please subscribe to Science & Reason: • • • • — Jonathan Dimbleby and a panel of experts come together to debate the controversial subject of religion in Britain’s schools. The role of religion in education is a subject rarely out of the headlines. Despite Britain’s multi-faith society, schools are still required to include a collective act of worship of a Christian nature, while faith schools and religious academies have raised fears about community cohesion and covert selection. Claims by some religious educationalists that faith is the best way to teach moral values is challenged by others in schools who believe religious morality to be outdated and dangerous. Dimbleby is joined by Professor Richard Dawkins, Schools Select Committee chairman Barry Sheerman MP, and a multi-faith studio audience.Richard Dawkins is a British ethologist, evolutionary biologist and popular science author. He was formerly Professor for Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University. He was voted Britain’s leading public intellectual by readers of Prospect magazine and was named one of Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People” for 2007. Dawkins came to prominence with his 1976 book “The Selfish Gene”, which popularised the gene-centred view of evolution and introduced the term “meme”. He is a 

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25 responses to “Faith Schools And Children’s Rights”

  1. benthemiester

    @dalriada842 Concerning Mars I was making an analogy and if you think I’m lying, key words, Mars terraforming. I believe there is overwhelming evidence. Have you ever studied the mathematics probabilities of the anthropic principle. Do you know what kind of ratios and perimeters make up the cosmological constants? Do you know why cosmologist call it the fine tuning problem? How do you explain digital code in the genome? You never answered why the Dissent list of scientist continues to grow.

  2. dalriada842

    @benthemiester The point I’m making about the cephalopod eye is that the light sensitive surface of the retina isn’t obscured. Mammalian eyes are back to front as far as the retinal structure is concerned. Not evidence for a good conscious design. It’s more likely the result of random mutation, and natural selection.
    20/20 vision is merely the definition of average vision , for a human, not a measure of excellence. I have better than 20/20 vision after having laser surgery.

  3. dalriada842

    @benthemiester I don’t see the relevance of what you’re writing to the slapdash structure of the eye. More generally than just human and cephalopod, you could look at numbers of rods, number and types of cone cells, pigmented filters, ability to detect polarised light, ability to change focus using the lens and/or cornea, presence of a tapetum lucidum etc. etc. Some species have better eyes in certain ways than others, human eyes compare poorly to many non-mammals.

  4. benthemiester

    @dalriada842 “human eyes compare poorly to many non-mammals”

    The human eye is designed for humans and it serves its niche. It is very practical and doesn’t waste energy on anything that is not needed. If we could spot a rabbit as far as Eagle within a range of 30- 50 miles it would do us no good because by the time we got there the rabbit would be long gone, however for an eagle it serves its niche well. Life is exquisitely designed. Please cite an intelligent person who could do better.

  5. benthemiester

    @dalriada842 Please tell me of anyone who can improve the human eye by wiring it any other way. Your argument is basically, because u wouldn’t have done it that way, therefore its bad design. This is not scientific reasoning but philosophical reasoning. Your eyes allow u to read, write, detect danger, even tiny nuances in facial expressions. It has kept u out of harms way even though you don’t realize it. Even people who are blind can live happy meaningful functional lives as well as procreate.

  6. dalriada842

    @benthemiester Who said anything about lying! I just think that if Mars is terraformed, it’ll be the Chinese or Indians who do it. The west doesn’t have the drive anymore.

    Check out AndromedasWake’s channel and watch Creation Astronomy Propaganda for his take on fine tuning.

    I hadn’t heard about this list you mention. I’m not an evolutionary biologist. I can only
    give my own opinion on matters I’ve read about.

  7. dalriada842

    @benthemiester I’m obviously not explaining myself very well. Turning the argument around. What benefit is there to having all that ‘wiring’ obscuring the light sensitive cells in the retina? I already accept that life is adapted to its ecological niche. How does something that seems to me to be the result of an unplanned, unconscious process, in any way prove the existence of a God?

  8. benthemiester

    @dalriada842 No offense but I found the video a little silly and hardly unbiased. It was basically filled with insults and semantic double speak. I might remind you that the term the fine tuning problem is not a term coined by creationist but secular cosmologist. I think a much less biased and fair analysis would be the production of a The Privileged planet. It is not a religious video and deals only with science and observable evidence. I have never equated cosmology with Darwinism.

  9. absoprob

    @MonsterDill Seeing as you’re telling me to stop wasting your time I may as well have another go :)
    ‘graffiti is an art’. No it’s not! Some graffiti has artistic merit but the fact of wielding a spray can and spraying something, usually a tag, that means nothing to anybody other than who do likewise on stuff that doesn’t belong to them in order to massage their little egos isn’t art. It’s just inconsiderate, antisocial and unappreciated by others outside their little clique. Just like trolling!

  10. absoprob

    @MonsterDill ….But hang on a minute…. Did you just say you’d become a level 52 warrior? Wow, I’m sorry. Please accept my apologies as I bow down in front of you for achieving such grandeur. Let me take off my hat to you as you stride past this humbled loser with earned pride towards your next trolling battle and doubtless victory :D

    Did…. someone imply that it’s the person that gets trolled that’s the saddo?Mmmm!

  11. MonsterDill

    @absoprob youre still here…..oh. go away now this is classed as stalking. and to be honest i think who ever built that cathedral in the middle of barcelona was inconsiderate, antisocial and unappreciated by others outside there clique. to say i stated an opinion NOT a fact, so i don’t understand why you people have replied with you’re ” hey mummy look how wise i am” crap loads of information that i wouldnt stop my enjoyment of life to spend half as much time worrying about than you have. XX

  12. sjomega

    All i see here is more examples of how when religious figures are questioned about the morals and human rights behind the law of their own religion, they create a huge case of denial, and digress from the topic, and try to justify why it is a good thing, when it quite blaitantly isnt a good thing, and they are forcing children into religion with threats of the death penalty. it is sickening in this modern world, and the cause of 90% of disputes between countries. young minds are very suggestable

  13. Astrobrant2

    Outstanding point by the woman: the good that comes from religious education is often not because of religion but in spite of it.


  14. glennirish

    piss on muhammad and the koran

  15. glennirish

    thats the muslim religion in an nutshell,,evil and barbaric

  16. AndrewTally

    Parents who send their children to faith schools are abusing them, denying choice and sending them to learn a very distorted truth on issues like science.

  17. MrNickChopper76

    @mrblackout2000 WORD!

  18. MrNickChopper76

    @glennirish WORD!

  19. MrNickChopper76

    @Astrobrant2 WORD!

  20. MrNickChopper76

    @sjomega WORD!

  21. Ekenedil

    Religion is very ridiculous.

  22. Ekenedil

    Mukadam is a total CRETIN.

  23. xxdiogenescynicxx

    @AndrewTally You obviously don’t know what you are talking about. I am an atheist now but I went to a Catholic school and would in no way consider it abuse. My parents didn’t want to send me to the horrible public school system because of all the violence.

  24. nihanash

    bunch of loosers sitting and talking….

  25. jay8979780

    WHERE ARE THE MUSLIMS?? I always see them posting on youtube. where are you guys now??

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