Fatalities, injuries at Oakland school shooting: police

OAKLAND, Calif. — A suspect was detained Monday in a shooting attack at an Oakland Christian university that sources said has left at least five people dead. Law enforcement sources close to the investigation told The Associated Press that at least five people have died after the morning shooting at Oikos University.

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7 responses to “Fatalities, injuries at Oakland school shooting: police”

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  3. 0hR3a11y

    There is tons of Koreans opening Korean Christian schools… im not against it or anything… but i think his motive was … he is tired of all the brainwashing. Im not from USA but here in Canada, there is TONS of koreans trying to bring me into “christianity” yes i am BAPITIZED christian (when i was a baby, without my permission) but i dont believe in it nor practise it.. i really get annoyed about it… but not to the point of killing ppl. The killer was part of this korean christian school

  4. poconyanpocopoco

    Another KOREAN Murder after Virginia Tech massacre

  5. LadyboyAgogo

    US school show and tell day …boy says ”this is how my daddy shoots innocent Afghan shoppers ”

  6. 5k4e2n9

    Korean Christian?
    Korean Moonest!!!

  7. Guy Fawkes

    Korean Again!?

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