Fist fight with father

Angry father beats his son in the school office.

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25 responses to “Fist fight with father”

  1. MNiTwInInG

    @treeclimber13 haha yeah but in this case the called the wrong kid and the wrong dad lol

  2. TheRawTimes

    @treeclimber13 Dude, ever thought of… Do adults have any respect for kids?
    No fuck me.

  3. treeclimber13

    @TheRawTimes respect is earned. I love my kids always and forever. respect is for me and love is for them..

  4. chopshark2

    @TheRealKaylaf whys this scary?

  5. TheRawTimes

    @treeclimber13 Well, that is prolly true.. But what is with adults is that they think they are better than children and can rule over them..
    I see adults being assholes not for their children’s best, but for their own.
    I just made a stereotype based on that, just like you did a stereotype over kids.
    People just don’t have respect over people, children, adults everyone really..
    If I were to tell you I’m 15 you are much likely to answer with language a dog would understand.

  6. treeclimber13

    Actually for a 15 year old you are wise for your years. Respect for everybody is the main issue. The grouping all together as a whole is my fault because in everything there are good and bad. Good point i must say and thanx for showing me.

  7. TheRealKaylaf

    @chopshark2 your parents must have never gotten that way… i dont know about you but it scares me shitless every time

  8. 915buck

    that ass hole guy needs his ass whipped……what the cops should do is take that punk in the back room and say” Now, fat fuck lets see how tough you think you are!!! ” Do it for the kid, police officials…..

  9. 916Bone

    @tubeyoukonto .. by coward you meant the bear, right? XD

  10. unitedartists56

    ha ha dumbass bitch fuck he body slammed his ass

  11. 098tristan

    You know i wish my step dad would do that to me, he would be in a shit hole that he couldnt climb out of, or possibly 6 fix under…

  12. iamstupid32

    More parents should put the “fear of god” into thier kids (make them afraid) maybe kids would have more respect than they do now….I never skipped class cause my mother would have whopped my ass

  13. reesesrules2169

    @bonniekilty all he did was pick him up and smack him in the head.

  14. street240

    is that a black bear behind the glass windows?

  15. tilopslicer

    @tubeyoukonto hahaha

  16. TepeeReviews

    i would kick his shit

  17. 17viris

    sad to know that the dad is probably even more abusive at home. there is a proper way to discipline a kid, and that was the wrong way!

  18. 17viris

    @reesesrules2169 by your comment i can tel that you either ARE or were RAISED by and abusive father. stop the cycle!

  19. reesesrules2169

    @17viris yes i was and im happy about it. having kids grow up to be pussy douchebags who dont understand consequences is going to be horrible for this country. “your grounded go to your room” kid on xbox “yea my fuckin parents grounded me but its ok i can rage out on this video game fUCK FUCK FUCK KILL THAT MOTHERFUCKER YEA YEA FUCK” thats what most kids as young as 10 sound like and its sad and pathetic.

  20. AdhocHoopla

    @reesesrules2169 You come across as psychotic…. I wasn’t abused as a child but my parents did sometimes smack me if I was out of order….

  21. reesesrules2169

    @AdhocHoopla i speak the truth and it makes me a psyco? look up on youtube right now what these little shits say behind the safety of there computers, theres absolutley no parenting at all involved.

  22. candlepeace

    He reminded me of my father… and i hate my father.

  23. conspiracies1

    Guy below me is gay and the guy above me is his boyfriend.

  24. AdhocHoopla

    @reesesrules2169 Truth? I know what little shitheads are like, I can fucking read, and I can fucking hear. But you’re nuts to suggest we should just go ape shit and beat people down from an early age!

  25. reesesrules2169

    @AdhocHoopla ididt say go apeshit and this video isnt a fist fight or a beating all he did was smack him in the head

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