Fox 25 News Mr.Harb arrested Methuen High School Methuen MA

Harb, Methuen high school’s science department chair, practices anatomy; gets caught.

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25 responses to “Fox 25 News Mr.Harb arrested Methuen High School Methuen MA”

  1. Ginmang

    Utterly hilarious. He should have paid OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAND.

  2. wildchats

    People from Mass are like that. I can’t believe that guy is teaching where I am originally from. Then they get away with everything they do and go back to doing the bad stuff over and over again. Thank God I’m in Cali now and working in a nice job away from freaks like him.

  3. poopoopants111

    i go to that school….i don’t know him but i know a guy who knows him o.O

  4. tak87

    bull shit i’m always around that area at 7, 8,9,10 and even at 11 o’clock at night and i never once saw a hooker around there.

  5. johnpalmob

    ur right ur mom doesn’t work that corner anymore

  6. tak87

    is that supposed to be funny ? because my mom die last year of heart attack grow up man !

  7. johnpalmob

    sorry ur right… ur mom is in a good place right now god bless her.

  8. gunitzpqm

    ummm, he could be lying u know.

  9. johnpalmob

    ya could be.. if he is i’ll have to pimp his ass out on that same corner his mom worked.. however disregard this comment if in fact she is dead.

  10. RKisLove

    wth, people from Mass are like that?
    There’s pervs everywhere, not just Mass.

  11. masshole1221

    Ya my towns are full of shit like that…Better yet my towns are shit.

  12. XeroLimits

    Harb’s a bitch. I hope he dies of blood loss and/or heart failure.

  13. chiodosownn

    i go to that school…. it has like no walls on the second floor… my homerooms walls are made out of 6ft tall bulliten board…

  14. linkmario2

    kid he is my freshman football coach

  15. bostonblizzards

    he’s my coach too linkmario

  16. haze17005

    that guy is a fuckin asshole

  17. derekdicenso


  18. mikeandjoescomedy

    lol $40

  19. sherly77

    yah i go to MHS.
    its wack..anyways
    i heard that he has like a
    wife & kids

  20. xxRacheyXBearxx

    Methuen is not a bad town
    my gosh. mass is actually a great place to live
    but sure it has odd people and problems like every other fucking town in the world does.

    i live here and my brother goes to methuen high.
    sure its not the best school
    but still
    dont be dissing it..

  21. xxRacheyXBearxx

    people from massachusettes happen to be very nice and kind.
    you see claifornia.
    watch reality tv and u see how people from there can be fucked up.
    east coast is awsome

  22. haze17005

    methuen high is mad ghetto

  23. rob12983476

    Harb is a rapist and still thinks hes the best. Whenever he walks in a classroom it gets silent because of this lololololololol!!!!

  24. pucky09

    dude he failed me lol

  25. juliaisafilmbuff123

    Well, Methuen is pretty ghetto. Not surprised.

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