Fox News Parody About Gun-Free Zones Stopping Crime

2011 – Ron Paul: Abolish Gun-Free Zones! – Flashback 2011 – HR 2613, the Citizens Protection Act of 2011 – Abolishes Gun-Free Zones Act Texas Congressman and GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul continues to champion constitutional rights. His latest endeavor is a bill that would abolish “gun-free zones,” ultimately permitting teachers to carry firearms on school grounds. Predictably, anti-gun groups are calling the legislation “extremist.” The Gun-Free School Zones Act was first enacted as section 1702 of the Crime Control Act of 1990. The text of the act reads, “It shall be unlawful for any individual knowingly to possess a firearm that has moved in or that otherwise affects interstate or foreign commerce at a place that the individual knows, or has reasonable cause to believe, is a school zone.” Paul’s bill will permit individuals, including teachers, to carry firearms onto high-school and middle-school campuses. The Gun-Free School Zones Act faced adamant opposition from Second Amendment advocacy groups like Gun Owners of America, which has indicated its support for Paul’s legislation. According to a news release from Gun Owners of America, the Gun-Free School Zones Act protects criminals. The release points to attacks at Columbine, Virginia Tech, and Fort Hood, all of which are “government facilities where the private possession of firearms was prohibited.” The release continues, “It’s time to say NO to criminal safe zones. And a great place to 

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25 responses to “Fox News Parody About Gun-Free Zones Stopping Crime”

  1. RawDawgSavage

    he said intentional you retard

  2. Viblicent

    “Ban all nukes, someone is still gonna make them.”
    Awe crud, I guess there’s nothing we can do about other countries developing nuclear missiles. Better just let Iran have at it.

    I’m not for gun control at all, but your series of comparisons drag the argument a useless direction. We need to be more intelligent about these issues.

  3. Lacocacolaman

    I think we should get to the source and just ban murder, that will surely work!

  4. iseeyou1312

    Did we stop Israel, Russia, China, India or Pakistan from making an “illegal” nuclear arsenal? And of course, I quoted illegal as the law is just an opinion with a gun. His comparison was very accurate, whether or not it is or is not legal for a country to produce nukes, nukes will be produced (see above). JUST LIKE GUNS.

  5. iseeyou1312

    Your intentional homicide statistics are wrong, guns have a much greater prevalence in homicides in all those countries, you are thinking of homicides per 100,000 citizens. What about Columbia that is ranked 91 in terms of gun ownership per citizen but has the highest homicide rate in the world? Or Mexico or Russia that both have very tight gun control laws but have 2-3 times a higher homicide rate than the US? Australia, NZ & UK had much lower homicide rates than the US before gun laws.

  6. akcasama

    Dear USA, yes… guns are the problem.

    Sincerely, the developed world.

    P.S. Universal Healthcare is not a problem either.

  7. DoctorWong1979

    and I suppose because I disagree with you, you want to shoot me? Its good to have that option.

  8. Scott C.

    So when that crazy drunk guy comes stumbling into your home, you’ll only have those 2 hands to fight back? I’d rather have my gun.

  9. dracdrum

    Dear Rest of the World, no guns are not the problem, people and society are. Guns are illegal in Brittan, people get glassed instead.

    Also, we didn’t get universal heathcare here, we got mandated buy in to one of the most corrupt industries on the planet, the health insurance industry.

  10. dracdrum

    This is true, but the violence in Columbia is kinda our fault though, the war on drugs created the crime lords and cartels, just like prohibition of alcohol created the Al Capones and gangsters of the 20s… It is not a gun problem it is a government and society problem.

  11. iseeyou1312

    And? Most of the US gun violence is related to the gun war. Legal gun owners kill fewer than 600 people per year, whilst illegal weapons are used in ~11,000 homicides, approximately 10,000 of which are gang-related shootings. A lot of countries in the Americas have an artificially high homicide rate thanks to the drug war, which is of course, all about protecting people 😉

  12. Anonymous99pct

    Your an idiot… wake up. You let them take your guns, what else are they going to do to you and you not have a way of defending against? Maybe forced RFID/Slave labor? That’s just a guess with what the current corrupt powers at be would do with that kind of power. Even if we were at total peace, you should never pass a law that disarms the citizens because that will invite corruption!

  13. zammmerjammer

    Did you think no one would notice the difference between “crime” and “violent crime”?
    I know this is beyond you, but the way different countries define different crimes is DIFFERENT, so unless we have some sort of baseline (something basic like, oh, I don’t know, GUN MURDERS) then comparing “crime” (ex. “assault” in the US is defined only as “aggravated assault” while in Canada next door it includes ALL categories of assault) is meaningless. GUN MURDER IN THE USA IS HIGHEST IN THE 1ST WORLD.

  14. zammmerjammer

    Yeah, just ignore ALL the developed nations that enacted strict gun control and yet shockingly DON’T have slave labour, or organ harvesting, or soylent green, or Alien vs. Predator, or whatever other movies you’re using to fuel these hysterical fantasies.

  15. zammmerjammer

    Ha. Like a library, obviously.

  16. shack109

    Well no shit, the US has a shit load of guns…So would you consider rape a violent crime? UK has 125% more rape victims (per capita) than the US.

  17. Anonymous99pct

    Name ONE of these nations your talking about that have the freedoms of America (or our Constitutional Freedoms we keep losing slowly) and isn’t communist? And if you try saying Britain your an idiot. They may not have guns but their crime rate is RISING and Americas is FALLING (for the past 5 years), not to mention their rape crimes are way higher than USA. Because in America if you try to rape someone, odds are you will get shot! Don’t post on youtube unless you like looking retarded.

  18. Jman713isBack

    Fox news is on our side….????

  19. ScoobyDigites

    I just sent this to all my gun free zone supporting friends

  20. J1NX1337

    Dianne Feinstein is a Dual Citizen of Israel, RED FLAG!

  21. InventorGadget

    Please watch: /watch?v=0ufkwTM82e4 “Why no one invades Switzerland”

  22. Maddy Perennity

    This is hilarious and so full of truth.

  23. longbigjohnson

    with a .223, sure, its still a .22 caliber round thats not even powerful enough to legally use on a 140 lb deer, its really common to use on predators like foxes coyotes and wolves, im sick of hearing from news media of the high powered gun that wasnt even used in the shooting, 7.62×51 is a standard rifle round anything significantly smaller is a low power round, anything significantly higher is a high powered round

  24. Slippery Jyspy

    australia is a nation with far more freedom than your backwards economic wreck.. the freedom of not getting shot trumps every single imaginary freedom you pretend to have.. the right to bear arms is an opressive rule 250 years out of date that hold your country back… 30 years ago america embraced change.. now u run screaming from it.. enjoy being left behind trash… get an eduation and you will realise how lacking in freedom your constitution really is.

  25. Slippery Jyspy

    America had 10 times as many gun realted homicides per capita than australia and 40 times as many as britain… keep killing your children… that only happens in the america’s buddy… i dont care, less americas to pollute this planet with.

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