Gay Hate Crime Grim Reaper.

Hate crime statistics provided by the FBI. If you go to a high school or university, this is a great project to duplicate on your campus! Special thank you to Sam Ekren for filming: Like Davey Wavey on Facebook: Music: Kevin MacLeod – Dance of Deception

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25 responses to “Gay Hate Crime Grim Reaper.”

  1. MrZimbot

    @TheRimDoctor why are people dwelling on the fact that Uganda isnt suffering anymore? That is fantastic and that is why they developed the board alert barriers so they can communicate rebel activity. But it does not change that fact the Kony and his people are still out there and should be brought to justice. And i have no idea how you think that awareness does change things – have you watched the video you are commenting on? but you carry on living your privileged life!!!

  2. cooldood42


  3. cooldood42

    @BrenTheGorgeous Says who gay guys dont make babys do you know how many gay men have somone carry a baby for them or donate an egg or donate to a family member or what not….??? sooo many gay men makes babys and I plan on making babys and the ones I dont make Im going to pretend to make with my future man lol

  4. BrenTheGorgeous

    @cooldood42 Gay men don’t breed as such, no idea why you are getting so fucking defensive.Unless you stick it in a girls twat then you aren’t breeding. You didn’t get my comment anyway, it was a joke and actually I don’t know any gay men who have babies nor do they want them.

  5. apricebcd

    Oh my god – this looks like something straight out of an early 80s Doctor Who episode. Perhaps we should get one done with the Daleks

  6. socrnunez23

    What is it with only one person of color being handed a card in this video. Could this be more inaccurate??? If you actually did your research violence statistics against LGBTQ show that 75% OF ALL VIOLENCE is aimed at people of color. Fuck this video.

  7. cdistasi

     Hey everyone! Come check out my channel! I’m giving away a prize to my 200th subscriber and i have 194! So hurry! Thanks! Great video!

  8. dinwdd4

    @socrnunez23 I couldn’t agree more!

  9. andy916923

    There are many comments on this, especially of the fact that some people might have special past experiences…One thing is sure, a fresh manicure will arrange his image better, as well a new black/ brown carnival masque! Asta la vista!

  10. strava86

    hehe brilliant

  11. SoberLiner

    FACT-Haters are trhe real drama QUEENS… Including organize Religion who uses the bible as an excuse to hate. Just a bunch of sheltered people from reality….UGH

  12. DanAdams33

    One of the most brilliant ways to ever get this point across. Once again Davey you have been able to educate people on an issue that if they had known what the issue was would probably not give a crap. This way they actually are interested on what you had to say. Thank you!

  13. ZeroStas

    Grim Reaper the Troll Face

  14. zurechtweiser

    Such a great idea wasted for faggot rights

  15. Yukitosandesu

    @zurechtweiser Such a great video and sad that there are stupid haters commenting it

  16. unophishal


  17. BoyGlee

    like the comments below say, this is an awesome way to get the point across Davy, and two thumbs waaaaay up from me,becuase i love creepy stuff lol, I would be like the guy who took a picture with you lol

  18. akfunnyguy

    “Hate is far more of a choice then Homosexuality will ever be!

  19. kingOFtheHILL601


  20. MrPickachuIchooseyou

    —-I have a question—-

    What’s that one video that was on the front page called. It was a collab of videos. It had that one iowa speech, various ellen degeneres clip /a very notable one at the end where she says she’s not a second class citizen, Martin luther king Jr, Lady gaga and a nice back ground song. It was an amazing video and i just want to see it again. Can You all help me find it again :]

  21. SoberLiner

    Just wanted to say times are a changing. Haters are now the ones mostly being mocked for being insecure, haters cant live there life without that kind of drama. “;o;”<===

  22. ToniPSB

    Truly amazing video. I love it when you do videos like this! 🙂

  23. MegJ326

    davey! you are awesome!

  24. prideinside1

    halloween in march, son! awesome, now where my bong at?

  25. MoreMagnetZ

    @zurechtweiser Vorschläge?

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