Gay Teen Boy Youth “Hate Crime”

Memorial to Lawrence King. (1/13/1993 – 2/13/2008) This terrible Gay ‘Hate Crime’ shooting, resulting in murder. Due to the EXTREME HATE messages from American Christians I have had to disable the comments. I have been informed that Lawrence’s second name was Fobes (not Forbes as stated in my video and in the newspapers which were my sorce). I appologise to the family for this unintentional error When Homophobic hatred exists in schools & education establishments ending in the death of a …

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25 responses to “Gay Teen Boy Youth “Hate Crime””

  1. jambalaya54321

    A 15 year old knows he’s gay when he likes boys. That’s basically all that there is to it.

  2. AzureSkyzz

    wow. Sweetheart, Lawrence wasn’t “forcing” anyone to accept him. I mean I’m sure he would have been flattered if they did. But really he was just trying to be himself. EVERYONE is allowed to do that much without having to be killed. For instance, I don’t agree with your opinion on how certain beliefs will bring about violence–while it is certainly true, it sounds like you are condoning this boy’s murder and it makes you sound homophobic–doesn’t mean I’m going to shoot you for these beliefs.

  3. DealingWithFeelings

    This song makes me cry by itself but this video had me crying so much!

  4. rosiejuly3

    This year the day of silence was dedicated to him and my friends and I did participate in it. I feel so horrible for the families and people affected due to hate crimes. ~bi~

  5. rosiejuly3

    actually I knew I was bi when I was almost 13.

  6. whoalovemedo

    That made me tear up.
    Larry, I never knew you.
    But you are my hero.

  7. Link11206

    Dude, I know you’re still out there somewhere. You are and were awesome. Who gives a damn what you like and don’t like? Who’s place is it to stop you from what you love? See you in heaven one day.

  8. g0yTube

    Thank you for making this video. I live in Ventura, California USA – about 15 miles from where this tragedy occurred.

  9. markcarrickarea

    Recntly safter a homophobic attack, the wife of our first minister(presidient) in Northern Ireland called GAYS An Abomination to society and that we can be cured by shrinks…
    How can our Children learn what is right and wrong when Hate filled comments are made by those we should look up to…

    Society has a lot to be sorry for.
    God Bless you larry, may your wind blow strong, you are forever in our hearts

  10. thepinkpasty

    I regret it is little better in the UK.

    I have personally witnessed & experienced repeated homophobic attitudes & practises of Institutional Homophobia, in particular by & within the police force & local goverment where I live in Cornwall.

    We have a L-O-N-G way to go before there is equality!

  11. banyabeethoven

    oh yes. that goes without saying.

  12. reese419

    Beautiful tribute. Thank you

  13. Spashleylov

    Son of a bitch! ur gonna burn in hell! how could u do somethin like that!! u have NO Right to take some1s life away!

    Larry.. God bless u babe!

  14. emotears7890

    gay hate/ diversity is so wrong. people get beat up and even killed for being themselves. its not right.

  15. superpapasuperman

    I’m crying:'( How can people be soo horrible to each other?

  16. DeckOf52

    No I saw that but do you think its as obvious or as apparent as a picture of the Vatican.
    And BTW read up on two little words before making stark comments “Duress” & “Jurisprudence”.

  17. thepinkpasty

    Duress:- I cannot for the life of me feel a lad giving another a Valentine is justification for ‘Murder’.

    Jurisprudence:- the theory and philosophy of law.

  18. DeckOf52

    You fool-I was on about the comment on the Pope.
    I’m just saying that your comment on the Pope being in the Nazi Youth is a little bit out of reach if you just look at the two words and then think about your “Comment” you’ll understand what I mean.
    Any who your looking at the video the wrong way, its what brought the kid to commit manslaughter,look at it from two points of view. Why did the kid feel he had to kill another?

  19. DeckOf52

    I waqs told once that Society is like a ladder.
    Each different set of minorites have to go through social unrest. All Minorities: Blacks,Irish,Spanish and now Gays. All good thing take Time and we’re all on that ladder in view of Society its just about moving one step up from the other.

  20. moosen27

    i dont get it…why didn’t the guy he was asking him just go like “ thnx. but ill be ur friend :P”
    im mean really…EARSE THE HATE!

  21. macbookprogeek

    Thats just sad .. Come to my page and watch my gay hate video ….

  22. hxcchick

    why cant we just learn to tolerate people?! Just accept people for who they are.

  23. thepinkpasty

    The Pope WAS a member of the hitler youth!

  24. gayman4you

    so said

  25. frballz


    Its religion’s fault. Religion is supposed to give happiness but then they turn around and hate on people who are different. I think religion in some way forbids tolerance

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