GEMA & S.978 Copyright law revisited (Making videos could become a felony crime?!?)

S.978 also covers TV, movies, audio, VIDEO GAMES, LET’S PLAY (LP) vids, VG tourneys, even if you’re making a vlog and you’ve got the radio on WAY in the background! Yep, felony material if they have their way. This gotta stop, seriously. GEMA : S.978 Official bill text : Sponsor Senator Amy Klobuchar D-MN Co-Sponsors Sen. Chris Coons [D, DE] Sen. John Cornyn [R, TX] Official Summary 5/5/2009 – Introduced.Amends the Internal Revenue Code to increase the limit on the deductibility of losses from the sale or exchange of capital assets for individual taxpayers to 000, adjusted for inflation after 2009 (50% of such amount for married individuals filing a separate tax return). OpenCongress Summary Makes unauthorized web streaming of copyrighted content a felony with a possible penalty of up to 5 years in prison. Illegal streaming of copyrighted content is defined in the bill as an offense that “consists of 10 or more public performances by electronic means, during any 180-day period, of 1 or more copyrighted works” and has a total economic value, either to the copyright holder or the infringer, of at least 00. LINKS! Opencongress bill info : TECHDIRT : Legal perspective : E-petition (not worth the paper it’s written on, but if you’re a slactivist, here you go) : And, more fun… THE MONEY TRAIL! Wh’s getting paid by the backers of this bill : 

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26 responses to “GEMA & S.978 Copyright law revisited (Making videos could become a felony crime?!?)”

  1. TygerWDR

    @MrExtremepaintballr webdogpaintball is the channel name for the paintball stuff. And there’s WDRarchives for the old web dog shows.

  2. TygerWDR

    @fireraven36 I’s still in committee right now, so there’s still time to get people moving to kill the bill. Look in the links, and start calling / writing / contacting your reps in congress and the house. We’ve got an uphill fight, but it’s winnable.

  3. hypercamera3

    goddamn this bullshit! i will not let this piece of ass stand! WE WILL WIN THIS!

  4. FatalFrameFan645

    If this Bill passed their would be no point of Youtube because most people do let’s play’s or even vlogs.

  5. BadgersBrigade

    publicly announce a boycott on the music industry DUE TO THIS! If they feel we will not put any more money in there pocket they will be quick to not do this…

  6. onionman113

    This is bullshit, what the fuck man. why is this shit happening.

  7. targethitter

    does this mean avgn cant make videos on youtube anymore

  8. Tacoz4Evry1

    Millions out of work, Trillions in debt, entangled in multiple endless wars and this bill’s on the table? FOCUS ON THE REAL ISSUES!!!!

  9. airsoftkid2022

    fuk it this shit its crazy and gonna make internet and utube become almost im gonna go and download some songs from Limewire Pirate Edition cuz i hate all this copyright crap.

  10. Gosox2525




  11. GrimReapersGhost

    If it was youtube wouldn’t it be blocked everywhere?

  12. D3R3K1600

    I live in Canada, so this specific law probably won’t effect me but Stephen Harper is totally all for these kinds of things. They want to make it mandatory for all ISP’s in Canada to have spy software to save everyone’s data.

  13. stereoarchitect

    @TygerWDR hey can i mirror this?

  14. Absolution171990

    And the government finds more ways to screw over the little guy cause they feel the need to line their pockets with even more money. Seriously, whoever wrote this up needs a good kick in the ass, its ridiculous.

  15. GeneralLelouch

    I bet anonymous is gone do something about it.

  16. IndieSpotlightLive

    regarding S.978, scary stuff! I wonder if it affects online radio (since technically it’s a stream) as well as sites like YT. I abide by copyright law, but suppose that the “bots” pick up on a song that isn’t an infringement mistaking it for something else? Yeah we don’t have the resources to catch real criminals (especially those on Wall Street) but we’re going to lock people up for 5 years for streaming? I’m with ya Rob, any member of congress that votes for this POS should be voted out!

  17. stereoarchitect

    @TygerWDR youtube wont let me download this maybe the license has to be changed?

  18. CHA1NZZ

    Ok this is my question…is this USA ONLY or is this going to have an impact on overseas youtuber’s ?

  19. iBenJay

    Oh Great Viacom Is supporting it. No more Spongebob edited.

  20. SilverSky731

    we really have stop this law from being past! If this get law get pass were fuck as well! so many of our shit probely is own by them even LP’s ,volg and shite>.<! what da fuck happen to you tube!?! where the hell is good old you tube!?! fuck!

  21. PsychoticSnake

    So they’re actually in talks about putting people behind bars, simply for make a video containing music? Because the video isn’t making them a million and one every time it’s played?

    For a major business these music corporations don’t seem to twig that youtube video are like free advertising – hell, it costs the uploader because they brought the music and all other components.

  22. DoctorWhoCenter2010

    Nooooooooooo :( I’m kind of scared if this law is passed. I will never forgive the government if they make copyright a felony crime.

  23. wrestlemaniac202

    So as a newly registered voter for the next election I can vote out my democratic congressman?

  24. zjbx

    i hate our government.

  25. davejoshmom1

    i signed the partition to oppose this bill. look up my channel to sign.

  26. NATHAN

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