Grandmother bullied to tears – school bus aide

“Part 2) Baiting The Bus Monitor (Karen Klein) ” Photo: Greece Athena Middle School students abuse bus driver Boys on a school bus make fun of a woman’s appearance & we get angry. Sharon Osbourne goes on the radio & makes fun of a woman’s appearance & we continue to watch & support her tv shows.

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24 responses to “Grandmother bullied to tears – school bus aide”

  1. TheVampiregurl5

    I was brought to tears watching this…these kids should burn in hell and fucking die the poor woman didnt do anything to those kids soo all those kids on the bus are a big fucking dissapointment to the world nobody likes u so just go kill urself

  2. kimlauren85

    absolutely disgusting kids on this bus. One day they will feel wat it is like to be in that woman’s shoes These kids should go to jail for auch harassment and learn what its like to be bullied and btw its not tough or cool to bully a grandmother you idiots all your faces werent in the video so u all must b hiding somethin that someone might bully u about. Think about that one. My stomach turned watching this video if i were there this video would not last 10 min at all not even 10 seconds

  3. hingewolfgirl

    The fact that they did it for so long makes me so angry. Plus the other stupid kids that helped make fun of her. Totally disgusting.

  4. danny0964

    I dont remember ever being that fucked up when I was a kid, I hope those wanna be tough guys get what they deserve. little fucken asswholes

  5. thespianbabe14

    America is so fucked up. When I was in school, everybody got teased a bit but not like today. These kids can go fuck themselves and go jump off a fucking cliff

  6. manchesterlad1988

    Evil evil little people! How could they do this to her! The poor lady! 🙁

  7. fraroc

    If I did that at my elementary school. The teachers would have verbally ripped us a new shithole and punish us like you wouldnt believe….

  8. Nathan Tomlinson

    those kids should go to jail afer what they done

  9. Nathan Tomlinson

    how would they like it if they were teased like that

  10. fr34k1npk3z2

    People actually started a fund raiser to send her on a vacation. The sum of the donations received actually pilled up to $650,000. Ray William Johnson actually talks about it in one of his videos. 😉

  11. sandiago1904

    the effect of jersey shore on society

  12. Sydney Murter

    Omg that’s horrible that she takes that abuse..if I was her I would have killed these boys..

  13. skapethechi

    I would literally beat the fuck out these kids, wth is wrong with society now days?

  14. Texancracker21

    She should get to stab each one of them for every mean thing they said. Like 30 stabs at each person? Sounds good!!

  15. japanesepopstars

    I gotta to say there are some pretty sick human beings out there. For her to all take all that verbal abuse and just cry…she is one strong and good woman. I hope that those kids are able to live their lives without shame because all of what they say is just disgraceful. This woman is really strong.

  16. bunnylover2011

    Wow I am speechless that’s so mean if i were on that bus i would have knocked them out :/ people these days teaching their kids the wrong stuff smh

  17. hakajfamily

    What is wrong with families these days that they let these kids act that way!? It always goes back to the family. Our society is slowly loosing its morals. The kids with manners are the ones getting teased now.

  18. estrella esteban

    this is why i hate middle schoolers!! ya’ll should go to hell!

  19. DaOldGuy1

    Where the hell was the bus driver???? Why didn’t he/she step in and stop this crap. I wish there was a crime in there, but maybe some of the kids will keep a copy for years, and then post it on all the bully’s facebook etc. Should go a long way toward them having a good time getting into colleges and getting jobs, because surprise kids, us HR people do check you out on facebook and YouTube. Good luck in the future dickheads!

  20. liljoe1361

    All wrong if I was on the bus I wud beat yaw ass

  21. EdirtySicks

    If this is the future, we are doomed. Idiocracy is happening.

  22. certifiedsofly


  23. Illnask

    Stop at: 04:27 Students involved list
    1.”write names down”
    2. “look for adress”
    3. “go for it”

  24. Spencer Royals

    if some one does that to my grandma ill KILL THEM so watch ya selfs

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