GTA Police+Crime Stoppers+Soaker Fire Truck-’08 Pride Parade

2008 Pride Parade Fire Truck Soaks Onlookers on top of Yonge St Buildings-Toronto, ON Canada. Video shows Greater Toronto Area police services, Toronto Crime Stoppers and the Toronto Fire Department marching in the 2008 Pride Parade. Crime Stoppers Partner With RHVP-Report Homophobic Violence, Period(RHVP) by Louis Tam – courtesy of The Toronto Police Service’s Community Mobilization Unit has joined a coalition of community members and creative designers to prevent homophobic and transphobic violence among youth and boost reporting of hate crimes. Report Homophobic Violence, Period. is a public awareness campaign aimed at young people, aged 13 to 25, to address reasons for homophobic attitudes and spur others to report harassment and violence to adults and police. “We have hate-crime legislation, but it is only as good as its implementation,” says Constable Decker, the LGBT Liaison Officer for the Toronto Police Service. “We want to counteract the underreporting of homophobic and transphobic hate crimes.” Underreporting happens because many victims feel the incident did not get out of control, they won’t be taken seriously, they are embarrassed, or live in fear of isolation and retaliation. Many still feel that by reporting they may be re-victimized by the agents they turn to for help. The Toronto Police Service wants to send a strong message that this is not the case and that incidents are taken seriously and dealt with appropriately. A 2006 

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14 responses to “GTA Police+Crime Stoppers+Soaker Fire Truck-’08 Pride Parade”

  1. hobe10

    leave it to toronto to have a gay pride flag hangin off their pumper lol it all in fun tho

  2. tvtubedog

    Sorry i guess i am way way behind i did not know we had gay fire fighters and gay public policeman..
    I guess i should feel safer now as a Canadian ..

  3. Auscann

    nice that toronto is a free city.

  4. v6x666

    That’s pretty cool with the hose spraying everyone. I had always heard that homosexuals liked to have their faces sprayed, so I guess it’s true.

  5. unclerasta

    Go Peel Police!!!

  6. omegaracer1

    fags, are all the public safety people gay to?

  7. Sodiumreactor

    that is pathetic why our the cops and firemen in that parade?????

  8. LegalGraffitiArt

    because the police and fire dept support diversity

  9. Sodiumreactor

    diversity?? they dont have any business supporting a specific group like that anymore than a white pride parade or a latino pride or whatever fucking pride they are supposed to be neutral

  10. Toronto324

    There not GAY jeez They are Only Supporting Diversity etc) thre only acting the Fire Dept. & Police Services in Toronto and ONTARIO are not gay they really care for supporting.

  11. RoyalJME

    @omegaracer1 Toronto’s motto is “Diversity our straight” and who cares if they are dont like it then move out of the city

  12. omegaracer1

    @RoyalJME sorry man i never wrote that comment, i must of left my account logged on somewhere a year ago

  13. RoyalJME

    @omegaracer1 thats fine then


    Its kinda funny that we seem to forget that not to long ago…the police were discriminating and harrassing gays…but now they are so-called “supporting us”?
    Does any one remmember Stone Wall Riot? Fucking hiporicats!! lol

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