Happy Crime Time!

For VCE Legal Studies our assignment was to explain homicide in a way that children could understand.

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14 responses to “Happy Crime Time!”

  1. emberscapepkz

    Nice Work Man!

  2. guitarHQ37

    4:10 hahaha delli you tryin to get a bit :D

  3. BattleRumble666

    I Love It <3

  4. TheyCallMeMrHappy

    homicide means “same kill” not “man kill” like homosexual isnt man love it is same love. Homo sapiens means “same ape”…like same as us.

  5. mcndogg

    Take it up with the VCE Units 1 & 2 Legal Studies text book, dude.

  6. mcndogg

    Cheers dude!

  7. mcndogg

    Loving life.

  8. mcndogg

    Glad to hear, my friend.

  9. TheyCallMeMrHappy

    so I guess then hetro women are homosexuals, as well as gay men. But not lesbians. You calling my wife a homosexual? why I outta!
    Not all hominids are men….

  10. TheyCallMeMrHappy


  11. mcndogg

    That’s exactly what I’m saying.

  12. TheyCallMeMrHappy

    yeah but “semantics” is always said like it dont matter, but if we do not define our words what have we got?
    btw you are right greek homo = man

  13. TheyCallMeMrHappy

    lol “greek homo = man”

  14. alexmantella

    cheap hump 4:08 in ;)

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