Harlaw Academy of Crime, Aberdeen. Failing School

Peter Dow’s website – scot.tk For Freedom Forums – http Near Harlaw Academy, Aberdeen. This is how the pupils behave after school The poster in the window warns people NOT to knock on the window. … but a pupil from a failing school, an academy of crime, DOES bang on the window. In response to the pupil’s bang, a security alarm is sounded. Harlaw Academy, Aderdeen – a failing school, an academy of crime where pupils learn to Breach the Peace. Such academies of crime are approved by HM Inspectorate of Education, Greyfriars House, Gallowgate, Aberdeen. Tel. (01224) 642544 (Music is “At The Zoo” by Simon and Garfunkel) Know of a failing school? Or do you want to learn more? Then join “Failing Schools Yahoo Group”. Click on this link – uk.groups.yahoo.com Post your “Failing School” video in “Failings Schools YouTube Group” – at this link – www.youtube.com —  —  – scot.bravehost.com Read the true-terror-tale of how the UK state allows window-bangers to torment their victims like Peter Dow and how the state joins in with their own terror treatment of the victims of crime. scot.bravehost.com “Arrogant and tyrannical judges” “Beware of perverted judges and psychiatrists” “typical useless police bastards” “after the way I was mistreated, I do want the Queen dead.” scot.bravehost.com

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24 responses to “Harlaw Academy of Crime, Aberdeen. Failing School”

  1. xMoHoHox

    can i point out that this is 4 or 5 people from harlaw. Not all of us are ‘criminals’. Putting a sign saying don’t do something will infact make kids do it.

    Anyways better get back to revising Gun Handling!

  2. thealanrae

    Your a twat for putting a sign up saying don’t knock on this window, what do you expect? Get a life!

  3. HarlawZoo

    No but the Harlaw management – headmaster etc. do sit back and allow some from Harlaw to commit crime, without finding out who they are and getting them expelled.

  4. HarlawZoo

    Well I had a union flag in the window alongside my website address a few weeks ago – and someone banged because of that. Hence why I installed the security camera to catch the culprits.

    4 or 5 bad kids choose to do something bad – until they are made to stop.

  5. HarlawZoo

    From the incompetent people who run things in Aberdeen just now – chief of police and school management – I expect incompetence and for them not to sort problems out.

    I’m not incompetent and I expect myself to come up with ideas for a solution to stop these bad lads.

    Such as expell them – and if they are still bad – take them into care and not allow them on the streets unattended or unshackled.

  6. tinnedweasel2

    they HAVE been excluded

  7. NHL07DS

    What is this… the failing school of crime they only tapped on your window i don’t think that is a serious offence.

  8. funkyfish101

    omg!!!! how sad are you to even put something like that on your window!!!! Is that not just asking for getting your window banged!!! Get a life. And how dare you call Harlaw a school of crime when people like you have nothing better to do than pick on passers by, tell me if it was an Old aged pensioner that BANGED on your window….what would you say about that!!!!!!!!! GROW UP AND WISE UP!!!! From a mother whos kids GO to “HARLAW THE SCHOOL OF CRIME”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. HarlawZoo

    funkyfish101 – it seems you learned little at school either

    “Do not knock on the window” means exactly that. Not the opposite.

    This youth picked on ME! He banged on my window! I am just defending myself and my right to put a poster, flag, web address – whatever in my window, and to be left in peace.

  10. HarlawZoo

    No it wasn’t a polite tap. It was a bang. Others bang harder, try to break the window. See videos posted by “AberdeenCrimeWatch” too.

    Better to take action now, while I am still fairly self-controlled and polite. If I allow the banging to go unanswered I could lose my temper eventually and maybe swear at the police for being typical useless police bastards, for not stopping these criminals. Now we wouldn’t want that, would we?

  11. HarlawZoo

    Really? Well if you knew that then you’d know their names. Who is the young male with the streak in his hair then?

    The thing is, as I haven’t been informed about their exclusions officially, then I don’t know to take this video off YouTube, and wish them all the best at their next school, college or job or whatever.


    You shouldn’t bother putting up messages on your window or a camera. Not every window in the world is banged on and so your’s won’t be if you stop putting videos of people doing so on the net.

  13. Nialliums

    swear at the police
    go for it!
    see where that will get you

  14. LynseyHaich

    Uhh they wouldn’t get chucked outta school, exclusion is getting told to go home for 2-5 days and come back. Being EXPELLED is being told not to come back to school.

  15. noelmasson

    Pikey Harlaw Scum.

  16. KarlyP

    Harlaw Zoo, this is your experience of ‘terror’ then you are indeed lucky. It is also good to see that you are of sufficient intellectual dexterity not to use this as evidence to tar Harlaw Academy as an “Academy of Crime”…eh, maybe not??!! If you are not aware of the phrase ‘Showing a red rag to a bull’ then I suggest you desist from putting bone posters in your window. I am a proud ex ’80s/’90s pupil of Harlaw and will not let its good name be sullied by a malcontent! Please Stop!

  17. c9590

    fair enough you wish to put a stop to yobs and bring their activities to attention but you are asking for it

    try a different approach such as survey or questionaire or an online petition

  18. bromleu

    notice how they almost walked right past until they saw the sign saying dont bang on the window. Speaking as a teacher i know that if you ask kids not to do something some of them will do it just because you asked them not to. Take off the sign and the kids will just walk past your house and the problem will be solved. it really is that simple, but then i guess you are just looking for something to complain about

  19. HarlawZoo

    bromleu – Well there is a world of difference between bright kids asking intelligent but tricky questions that poor teachers can’t answer, and scum kids misbehaving and tormenting other people.

    Scum kids need harsh discipline and/or exclusion to keep them in line or get rid of them.

    Like other people/businesses I have things to display/advertise in my window. We should not have to remove it in fear of being picked on by the scum.

    The scum should live in fear of just punishment.

  20. bromleu

    Unless you are selling signs that say do not bang on the window then i fail to see your point. The fact remains that they only started banging when they saw a sign telling them not to. Plus if they know they will get a reaction like a horn then its just more of an incentive. Take down the sign and the banging will stop. That is of course only if you want the banging to stop. What would you have to complain about then?

  21. HarlawZoo

    c9590 – like you are asking to me to block user you? Consider it done.

    No I am not asking to be tormented. I am asking the community to stop such scum tormenting anyone.

    By blaming the victims for crime – “he was asking for it” – you are excusing incompetence by the state whose duty it is to defend people from murderers and other violent or destructive scum.

    However when you allow an incompetent Queen as head of state that IS asking for a massive crime wave.

    Ban Queen. Get President.

  22. HarlawZoo

    bromleu – You are dead wrong. I HAVE removed the DO NOT BANG poster – but my political/website window display remains.

    The police insisted I disconnect the alarm – because that is easier than arresting scum who only get a warning letter at most to their parents who too are scum – so they do it again.

    And still they bang. Not quite so much because I do not give them a reaction – yet I must suffer in silence.

    I complain about the woman who was driven to suicide by tormentors like these.

  23. greatinnumbers

    When government run schools fail. They create wild animals.
    When parents fail. They create the scum that floats to the top.

  24. WristSlittinglyFunny

    Harsh much, every school has some not so successful pupils even schools like robert gordons, and cults academy

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