Hashim (Al-Naafiysh) “Crime Of Passion” Soft Touch Electro Freestyle Old School 12″

A TRUE long lost classic for all the Hashim fans. Gerry Calliste Jr produced the beat in “Crime Of Passion” by Soft Touch on Cutting Records CR-206 1985

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14 responses to “Hashim (Al-Naafiysh) “Crime Of Passion” Soft Touch Electro Freestyle Old School 12″”

  1. B68Infinite

    Nice upload!

  2. newportvtman

    reminds me of i dont need your love.

  3. intromix

    Yeah, it kinda does, but this one is a LITTLE harder and has a better Freestyle rhythm,,,,”i dont need your love” TOTALLY SUCKS!!!

  4. newportvtman

    its nasty is my favorite and uk fresh is ok.

  5. intromix

    ever hear “chateau vie” from Cutting Remixes LP? check that one out, its a pretty good one too and is on here

  6. newportvtman

    i have heard all his songs that i know of and i have spoken with him on the phone as he is very approachable.

  7. intromix

    OK, now I remember you were the one that mentioned that before, that’s cool, I know he does some promoting, too bad he doesn’t write anymore music, but he ALREADY did his thing

  8. naayfiysh72

    Hashim is responsible for some of the most memorable music in the mid-80,s,the vibe is always dark and middle eastern,Beautiful!!

  9. Samsation01

    I had a feeling hashim made this song …it reminds me of the soul

  10. LEEKYLE99

    my my!!! its like i just walked into a high school dance mid 80’s!

  11. crzypaiute

    WAS LOOKING ALL OVER FOR THIS ONE AWESOME !!………Who’s making the jungle juice?! HOUSE PARTY IS ON!! LOL

  12. wbmx1981

    Reminds me of going to Sports Park in Austin in 1985 back when Chuckie used to battle other crews.. Cosmo Crew. 88.7 KAZI used to play this all the time on the radio. Also Magic 102 in Houston played this.. with RP Cola spinnin… damn the days!

  13. SuperTutorialKing

    Awesome song!

  14. ALAdrums

    Check out “Primrose Path” also by Hashim…
    More groovy Hip Hop by the same artist.

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