hate crime or was this gang related

why are kids so violent today? and why is this made out to be a racial attack? if it was racial why didnt they attack the white kid who was filming the fight?! the kid who filmed this said it was a planned fight to be put on myspace! he also said he didn’t hear any racial slurs directed towards the white kid. the reason its turned into a racial attack is because some adult found out about the video, reported it to police and the white kids are trying to save their own ass from being in …

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25 responses to “hate crime or was this gang related”

  1. unelmitchell

    fox news !!! i thought so always race baiting. i am white and they didnt even get it right when the blk katrina victums was getting shot and killed by the whites . everyone was making the blks out to be the only ones that was doing bad things. when is this racial shit is going to end . people are people. and there is bad in every race. if you going to point out one you have to always point at the other. STOP THE RACISM BLKS , WHITES,LATINOS AND ASIANS , PLS, COME TOGETHER AND STOP THE RACISM !

  2. dorry18

    u wann it agen huh …

  3. snowdog03

    Whites are gettin jacked everywhere and it’s never called racial, especially here in Cleveland.

  4. mrlowdangle


    its rare to find a fair fight where black people are involved,if its not 6 on 1, its started with a sucker punch from behind or using a gun.

    justice will be dished out to these fuckers eventually, sooner the better.

  5. TMTGeneralDeath

    why are blacks so crazy i got jumpthem once i hate it when they act like this

  6. HereWeGoBuffalo89

    And the white people are the racist ones? Civil Rights = Reverse Discrimination, Period!

  7. FanatikJ

    Only cowards attack in packs like this. I hate scum like this, no matter what color they are.

  8. juicemannye

    this bullshyt when blaccks people kicc as we wronged but whne black people get fucced up thiere nothing wrong with um fucced we banging bacc now

  9. stimoh

    Hate these damn niggers…

  10. MRCHAMP124

    it wasn’t about race …it’s mob rule. Kid that was taping was white (no beating) why bring up the G6? The mom got it right. Fox is making it something it’s not. Wow Fox news is so lame…thats way you couldn’t jump in? What is this a prison fight? FuQ Fox news!

  11. romespc

    Learn how to spell, Dumb bitch!!!

  12. graham870

    these niggers can only fight in tribes, cowards

  13. upyourazz

    See, this is why I can’t stand gangsters! Gangsters are the lowest form of trash their is, those people were being stupid and acting like tough gangsters, I hope other people saw what happened and called the police. Because I bet you if the police were called, those gangsters would be running like cowards. I’m not just talking about blacks gangsters, I talking about white,mexican, and asia gangs, all of them are just cowards!

  14. jeffburnette1988

    whites will get tired of this quik and a lot of people will be killed black and white we must arm ourselves and just kill these packs of trash when we are attacked they aremany great blacks but these guys are scum

  15. jeffburnette1988

    it was about race do you think they would have jumped a black person

  16. sololamer

    LIAR its a hate crime.

  17. MrAlexanderalfaro

    when a black person gets their ass whooped its a hate creime fuck they will bring back martin luther king to defend them

  18. mikeeelong

    its stupid is what it is. god forbid if a black kid loses a fight. and why do they always have to jump a white kid? you never see a bunch of white teens jump a black kid. shits so stupid anymore lol. just because you have a group of friends dosnt make you a gang.

  19. westside159


  20. FreiKonigsberg

    The kid who shot the video sold his buddy out to the savages. Hang Em High!

  21. papadoc711

    so that kid there is his mate he recorded it and did fuck all, then get on fox news.he shud have backed his mate up…..


    Great video. I recently joined a very serious organization and my life has been transformed for the better in every way. The link to the website is on my channel.

  23. kremmydia

    im white and im tellin ya all.

    whites are actually natures biggets predators.if one day they decide to unite against blacks they will annihilate them swiftly.

    racists should be jailed.end of discussion.else a race war will errupt.

  24. greenfrost

    Fucking Niggers Cant Fight For Shit Always Gotta Jump SomeOne Cant Fight 1 On 1 They Always Fight In Packs Of Like 10 Pussy Ass Bitches


    i no bro true dat naw nigger tlk

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