Hate crime: Racist Black youths beat up White boy at school bus stop

At 1:23 the reporter says they yelled racial slurs. Three Brevard County teenagers are accused of tormenting an autistic child at a school bus stop. The incident happened on Friday in Palm Bay. One of the suspects, Deon Glipsy, is charged with battery, accused of striking the 15-year-old victim in the face. Glipsy, along with Joeleon Abel and Ty’Juan English, each face a charge of aggravated stalking, a hate crime. “This was, from what we could gather, an ongoing case of bullying, stalking and harassment of this child that had gone on for quite some time,” said Yvonne Martinez with the Palm Bay Police Department. “So it rises to the level of a hate crime.” According to a police report, English recorded the incident on a video camera. Investigators say the video shows the victim run into the street to try to get away from his alleged attackers, narrowly missing being hit by a car and a motorcycle. English was in court in Viera on Tuesday afternoon, where a judge placed the teen on home confinement. The victim is presently undergoing psychological tests, according to investigators.

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23 responses to “Hate crime: Racist Black youths beat up White boy at school bus stop”

  1. bklyn1425


  2. bklyn1425

    Yes, and it worked ! History always repeats itself. Bring back Segregation !
    Forced intergration goes against nature, it is not natural, and it does not work.
    To put it in simple laymans terms: You cant grow apples where you grow oranges.
    Like the old margarine commercial states: ITS NOT NICE TO FOOL MOTHER-NATURE !!!

  3. TheBNT2002

    One of the few if not the only time black on white crime is actually called a hate crime…good for them. I am surpirsed AL and JESSIE and HOLDER aren’t down there calling it racist

  4. marie200071

    Okay were is the KKK????? The new black panthers came out for Trayvon. Hmmmm….

  5. pumpindagoods

    racist white people.  they was defending themselves. stupid ass crackers.

  6. cdoftx

    Whether or not something other’s did was racist has nothing to do with your race. It is racist of you to place people into categories (black and white) and talk about those people as if they behave as groups. We need to look at people as individuals.

  7. Carinisbirro

    How come Obama didnt comment that he could be my son? The world is nuts!

  8. WaterforBooks1788

    Are we ever going to move pass this race bs a cause a crime is a hate crime no matter the skin or the lifestyle that we live it comes a time and a day when we need to realize that we are more then a category that we let people place us in cause of some color that’s been holding us back in a whole so we either wake up or fall by the waste side

  9. KingLoop13

    Yeah, but that was after he was killed for no reason. Does that make either group right? No, and I think they should settle down and learn to respect one another over stupid colors of skin.

  10. MrChanceChange

    It was a hate crime, but it had nothing to do with autism.

  11. woma0neater

    riiight, 3 niggers defending themselves from one autistic kid, pretty sad if an autistic kid can whoop their asses, id like to see one of those fucks mess with me, ill make oreos outta them nig nogs-

  12. didickcheeseburger

    lol. theyre gonna need to practice defending themselves for when theyre getting ass raped in prison.

  13. jpete3027666

    Our government creates and fosters an environment of class and race warfare in this country. Believe it. Wake up.

  14. sittingbull706

    White on black crime = victim DIES and criminal WALKS FREE

    Black on white crime = victim STAYS ALIVE and criminal goes to jail

  15. verano29

    Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, where are you now?

  16. MsCoonkiller

    They are in their dark caves counting their money, and waiting for the next BS story about a white guy protecting himself from being beaten to death like Zimmerman had to do,

  17. MsCoonkiller

    Amen..but you will be crucified just as Zimmerman is being right now. It didnt matter that the nig nog that he shot to protect himself was trying his best to bash his brains out on the concrete.

  18. MayfielderOSU

    That’s all we need now is more Internet thugs and the worst of all, white supremacists bashing everyone. Hate crimes are every crime committed, you have to hate someone to commit the crime in the first place right? It’s

  19. MayfielderOSU

    ..like saying its ok to hurt someone because they’re the same color as you.. Terrible.

  20. UselessCholo

    take that paleskins time to take what is ours, kill the palesking whoar crakas!

  21. ArmoredFelix

    Good luck with that brother, I’m armed and so are many of my fellow whites. we’re 80% of the country, you keep killing yourselves so you’re still just 13% bring it on nig nog.

  22. whiteguyforreal

    Thank God the’re being charged with a hate crime. I can’t believe the reporter had to ask why it was a hate crime as if blacks don’t commit crimes of hate.

  23. chromelung4

    Don’t forget the media. They never mention race when it’s black attackers, which it is far more than white attackers. The statistics are shocking but I’m not going to bother writing it down. Google “racial crime statistics” for yourselves. DOJ and FBI did a 10 yr study released in 2005. The results are shocking.

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