Hate Crime – Student Leaves Ham Sandwich on Lunch Table Near Muslims, Suspended

Source: www.boston.com Hate Crime or just a HAM Sandwich? One or two people have moaned and stated that this story dates back a year or two. The site I downloaded it from stated no paticular date, as for whether the date is relevant or not , I believe it not to be the case, this is a relatively recent and ABSURD reaction to an INNOCENT child prank in any case, which the PC brigade had taken too far, and the reason behind me posting this video, //////Police are investigating as a possible hate crime an incident in which a ham steak was placed in a bag on a lunch table where a group of Somali students were sitting. Middle School student was suspended after the incident,

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25 responses to “Hate Crime – Student Leaves Ham Sandwich on Lunch Table Near Muslims, Suspended”

  1. 1uniteas

    what a bunch of bullshit! send these fuckin muslims back to their home countries ! Fuck the MUSLIMS!

  2. 1uniteas

    There is no way in hell they would feel like they are back in Somalia. If that is how they fell send them back to the REAL SHIT HOLE OF THE WORLD! I think they would feeldifferent then.
    These people NEED TO RESPECT OUR CULTURES AND LAWS. Not the other way around. They are new visitors TO OUR COUNTRY! Enough of this PC for IGNORANT PEOPLE!

  3. PawneeBill47

    @machy22 It is NOT a religion as we know religions. It is a culture of hate and violence. They, like our government, have various “departments” if you will. The religion is the mask for the political arm, military arm, jihad arm and so forth. Google ADC in Michigan. They are an Arab “rights” group and make it obvious in their newsletters that they are here to dominate politically.

  4. PawneeBill47

    @abbienetvision Thank you, you can bet the farm I will use this at the next Townhall meeting and calls to my Representatives. Thank you again!!

  5. abbienetvision

    You may also want to bring up that if the Muslims can use the first amendment for mosques and preaching an overthrow of gov’t, does it mean that soon other Islamic laws will also be legal, like polygamy, pedophilia, honor killings, beating and raping women, women being second class citizens, lying in courts (as required by the koran, called Taqiyya) or maybe JIHAD (killing infidels,an Islamic duty.)
    Just some quotes to finish this comment…in the next box, all by john adams!

  6. abbienetvision


    While the merciless dogmas of Muhammad remain there can never be peace upon earth – John Quincy Adams

    Muhammad’s doctrine was violence and lust: to exalt the brutal over the spritual – John Quincy Adams

    Treachery and violence are taught as principles of Mohamet’s religion – John Quincy Adams

    Abraham Lincoln had a koran in his library, to learn the thinking of the enemies. Muslims have been killing Americans since the 1780’s prior to the First Barbary War.

  7. abbienetvision

    Have you read up on the Tennessee mosques and the founders, who preached love, while supporting terrorists, calling for Sharia, etc?

  8. richlevine669

    Yeeeeeech. Traif!

  9. PawneeBill47

    @abbienetvision No I have not but we are dooming ouselves by believing anything they say. I will Google that. Thanks!!

  10. PawneeBill47

    @abbienetvision You’re a regular library. I’m composing a letter to the editor of the local paer and all this is very good info.

  11. esh325

    That’s hilarious, good job to the kid. I don’t find anything wrong with making fun of silly and outdated beliefs that don’t belong in modern society.

  12. TheAmazingamerica

    @orlandcarra Religion didn’t throw ham at the students.

  13. TheAmazingamerica

    @jfap555 are you kidding? “Why don’t we put a ham sandwich next to a student who happens to be Jewish and Kosher and see if there is a suspension? ”

    They would build a bridge in the name of the Jewish student and have a day of mourning for his feelings that were offended. Look up Brendon O’connell

  14. TheAmazingamerica

    @PawneeBill47 What exactly did the students do? They were eating their lunch, minding their own business when a gang of thugs decided to throw ham at them. It was not a sandwich nor did the Superintendent say any of those things. It was a big piece of ham in a brown paper bag. They reported it to the lunch room monitor. Ate lunch, reported it to the monitor, big deal. At least they don’t go around spraying their own tombstones with swastika’s.

  15. TheAmazingamerica

    @PawneeBill47 After you tell me why we allowed xews in here.

  16. getnick77

    @abbienetvision Well yes, I believe all major news outlets should be held accountable for incomplete or misleading reporting, it’s not like Fox has limited resources, it’s not like they are a blog run from someones bedroom I’m sure they had an outlet there in that town that could have verified the story I read opinionated blogs and subscribe to them because I share their opinion and Fox and Friends is certainly an opinion show however in this case they reported news and if it were (continued)

  17. PawneeBill47

    @TheAmazingamerica How long ya been anti-semitic and full of shit? You were there and saw all this huh? Well in that cas eI am Muhammed bitch, shut up.

  18. PawneeBill47

    @TheAmazingamerica Jews contribute things to the world, moo-slims just suck, they contirbute nothing to science, medicine, music, art……….zilch, they’re parasites. Why did we allow your ass in here?

  19. abbienetvision

    The story is true, the small fabrications are not, however the story did happen, the boy that threw the hamroll (not sandwich-one of the so called lies) was suspended for 10 days for a hate crime.
    The ham sandwich is not a toy was another “lie” however the story, or the main parts are all TRUE.
    The other news outlets, including Reuters are guilty of much worse lies, fabrications, even some about wars, look at my page the see the one of the latest cutting of photos, to create a lie.

  20. abbienetvision

    This lying muslim, TheAmazingamerica, claims to have gone to US public school, where every Friday the entire high school had to sit on the ground and eat fish, to appease Christians…LOL
    She doesn’t seem to realize that the menu for public h.s. are posted daily in the news paper, and I never once ate fish in Jr.high or HS (I hate fish)
    She said they all had to be quiet and other shit, which in no way can be anywhere near the truth…just a jackass Muzzie, who is too stupid to lie!

  21. abbienetvision

    I am Jewish and just last month, me and my girlfriend went to the beach, she took HAM sandwiches….so what???

    I took roast beef. This is the difference from other religions and Islam, we let others live as they choose and do not impose our choices on others. That is what USA is about, which you clearly wouldn’t understand coming from your hateful cult, that wants all Americans to submit to your ways. I will NEVER SUBMIT to these ANIMALS. Ramadamadingdong killing now..yeah!

  22. PawneeBill47

    @TheAmazingamerica It’s becoming quite evident you are a m00-slim. But then you will lie because it is your cultutre to lie. You people have no honor.

  23. PawneeBill47

    @mouthybitch88 You are frickin’ hilarious.

  24. PawneeBill47

    @TheAmazingamerica No answer dog breath?

  25. PawneeBill47

    @TheAmazingamerica We could turn you into a shit sandwich and then our moo-slim President could eat you.

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