HDZ – Criminal Dayz (SOLD)

HDZ – Criminal Dayz old school hip hop instrumental (sorry for quality) This beat is for sale: exlusive 40$ non exlusive 20$ or contact me (tomasss151@gmail.com) www.facebook.com

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25 responses to “HDZ – Criminal Dayz (SOLD)”

  1. dgyrick

    not better,, dope in other word !!!!

  2. MrMondho

    dope g

  3. garciastudios

    nice track! Check out mine as well. They are on this same type of vibe: garciastudios

  4. InspectaMorze


  5. TheWiseTruth90

    man, this is dope ish. great work!

  6. ruggednevasmoove

    Smoooth shit!DOPE!

  7. nega2k6

    Oh my god, sick beat pffff. Can you tell me how you play your drums? Do you record them or just clicking with mouse? And what did you used for the low-band filter? Love Philter or what?

  8. RevoltesocialHipHop


  9. 05c54s

    appreciate it! I choped drums form old records and yeah… clicking with mouse, also I use simple fl filter for bass.

  10. 187Napalm

    that horn is off the chaaain!

  11. Amend0ne

    This beat is hot bro!! its got soul i feel like i could freestyle for dayz to this joint!! Stay up!!

  12. BulgWest

    This beat of the chain come have a look at my work when you got the time


    Bulg Productions

  13. InnaAtticCrookz1

    mad dope son

  14. RHYMePRIMe


  15. Unstoppablehiphop

    This is sick man…Really good beat!!!

  16. mosdopest

    this is hip hop

  17. DobroBad


  18. HyperTimeChamber

    definitely a well done beat, smoothness

  19. MrNostalgikk

    yeah yo this is pretty smooth … feelin it … stay up homey keep doin ya thing

  20. 05c54s

    tnx man!

  21. b2d327

    smooth beat; lovin this

  22. Migelei1

    u can get higher than a mufucka on this joint!
    Keep it real, good job!

  23. 05c54s

    thnx man!!

  24. EarlGreyBeatz

    nice beat! can you check out my beats to?

  25. GedStan


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