Helpless Asian Man Attacked And Jumped By 7 Others Behind School Response

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25 responses to “Helpless Asian Man Attacked And Jumped By 7 Others Behind School Response”

  1. StupidityLevelJoe

    Hey everyone I would love if you could watch my videos of me doing stupid shit! If people watch my videos I will continue to make stupid shit!

  2. NagaJolokiafied

    HEY!!!!! Ya!!!! THAT’S RIGHT!!! DEAL WITH I… wait? ummmmmmm, sooooooo, uhhhh, I’m addicted to caffeine again. It’s the 63rd time this has happened to me. so, my real purpose here it to just waste a little bit of space in the comment section just because that’s just the king of Deusche bag that I happen to be. By the way Kyle, love your videos. and just a message for the entirety of mankind, SCREW YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. EpicCoatGuy

    Holy shit kyle has his audiance to an absolote fucking T

  4. StupidityLevelJoe

    You guys are gonna get pissed off at eachother after you kill him in cod by camping lol!

  5. 6893Nicole

    XD Nice :D

  6. cel6tics

    @kibafang1123 They should make a film. They should title it “Damian and Kyle, the Weirdest Friendship in the World.”

  7. VizanimeMusicboy12

    Kyle reminds me of sue sylvester. (^^)

  8. Win2Begin

    This is funny and enlightening. Hmmm

  9. MrMonkeyTroller

    Well you forgot virginia tech, but yeah it’s still wrong just saying ^.^

  10. NiceInn

    yeah you should do a thing were u get pissed while playing call of duty against eachother lol 🙂

  11. MrBittleBites

    shocking behaviours 3! check at on makemebad35’s channel!

  12. Matthewneubauer

    I think you will be face jamming

  13. zoso338

    You sir are one funny sob face jamming lol.

  14. rufysufy

    Just saw the view 3 times, still no clue what you’re saying. All I see is a cluttered mac desktop. CLEAN YOUR DESKTOP DAMMIT.

  15. masterrick12345

    Wtf u don’t believe in god asshole ur still pretty cool

  16. xxawsumrainbowxx

    @kibafang1123 kyle and damian go to white castle! holy shit that would be hilarious!!


    lol kyle,you did this video late but its good

  18. Washburneffect

    video game porn

  19. Shitdoneonfreetime

    He actually reminds me Dr.Cox

  20. kibafang1123

    @xxawsumrainbowxx i was actualy talking about a huge project like a hour and a half movie lol

  21. kibafang1123

    @rufysufy yeaaaa his desktop is totally cluttered

  22. S0ul986

    Dude! using a gun to get people attention xD in a conversation lololol make a video about that idea how to use a gun for innapropiate things 😀

  23. MAKEmeSmAsH1

    @twelthofadime Kyle, I wanna say thanks so much. You have made me laugh so hard with your videos. You see, recently I lost my mother to heart disease (I’m not fucking with you on this, I’m dead serious), so I’ve been pretty down. But every time I watch your videos, I laugh, and it makes me remember that there are still good, funny things in this world. So thanks so much Kyle. You are the best.

  24. Mizbabenorton

    lol u are AWESOME!

  25. Crazystunts551

    Face jammin

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