Helpless Asian man attacked and jumped by 7 others behind school

Kids getting arrested : Story told by someone who knows them : _______________ More News On the Kids : Todd Ramos ( grey/black hoodie ) Raymond Palomino ( white boy / no mask ) Wesley Wu ( Grey hoodie, guy who did most of the beating ) Easley Wu ( big puffy jacket with fur hood + blue striped adias pants ) Johnny Li ( blue hoodie + blue snap back on ) Danny Hui ( all black, northface jacket ) Camera man ( Unknown ) Filmed behind James Ward Elementary School (Chicago) Share this video on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Google+! Download the Video! : The Chinese man was saying, “please no more, don’t hit me anymore please”. Obviously this guy didn’t do anything and was jumped. His English wasn’t good either. The original poster took the video down for obvious reasons, and in his comments he was proud of his accomplishment This needs to be told! The guy showed his face on camera, we need to catch him. _____________________________________ LINKS: My 2nd Channel : Twitter : Tumblr: Google+ : Facebook: T-Shirts: Snail Mail: PO Box 216 Mill Neck NY 11765 Related tags : helpless asian man attacked and jumped by 7 others behind school response reaction RE: official leaked original beaten up innocent mugged gang thug clan street fight bully bullying mirror reupload reuploaded hate crime backyard school food kid YouTube Video Of Teen’s Beating Prompts Police Investigation 

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24 responses to “Helpless Asian man attacked and jumped by 7 others behind school”

  1. MsStonerking420

    did he make it out ???
    i hope he fuckin did than i would have dump in kick all 7 of than and take off they shoes and hit than with it

  2. beticoforever77

    @varquez7 they are not a disgrace to happened in Chicago, that’s all to consider about the place…it’s a shame to their families, to themselves and to Human Kind…about if the chinese guy did something…it doesn’t fucking justify the way he has been beaten…com’on please….and they are probably free now thinking proudly what they did….fuckerssss!!!!

  3. flintisen60

    @AlexAndHer1295 í would join you ! and KICKING THEIR ASSES !

  4. KayNumber96

    This guy was not some random innocent victim. This was a retaliation motivated by a previous incident that the victim was involved in (according to the police). They got him back for whatever him and his friends did to them. I’m not saying it’s right but payback’s a bitch. “Revenge is the sweetest joy next to getting pussy”- 2pac.

  5. reviewer90872

    i would tell a adult or kick the crap ot of them

  6. finaldreamer100

    they think they all touf they pussys because they be hitting wit shoes

  7. whatme192

    i think the 7 guys beating the asian i think that was discrimination!!!

  8. demonicDEBACLE


    FUCK ASIANS! there are wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too many of them on this planet anyways!!!


  9. ooohrob


  10. presic1234

    I will fucking rip their heads off and eat the rest of their body

  11. zat353

    If you guys see closely, 2 guys actually kick the asians guys head

  12. ELconchesumare

    @presic1234 I think i would stop at ripping their heads off

  13. lelek941

    i would beat the living shit out of them

  14. kenny63477

    This little kids are colour blind, calling a white Asian decent kid nigga ? HA! check your eye sight. Kids.

  15. inakurrr

    why call him nigga when his an asian white? O.o stupid gangs!! dumbasses…

  16. uve94

    i will fucking hit them in their balls!! i don’t know if i will help the guy because im a girl thats guy i will interfere but i guess if a were a boy i’ll do as well! but u know looking pp treating pp like that just get the worse out of me… i just think that asian guy could be my or my friend that just not right… so yes i’ll hit them as much as posible!!

  17. runescapepker70

    when I see that vid.. it makes me feel to beat up the fucking shit out of them and fucking beat em up that much tht they never ever stand close to me either.. ive done such things as beating up ugly punkasse bullies and no1 of those bullies never does anything shittye more

  18. jounimiller

    I would beat them up worse so they know how it feels to get jumped

  19. QueenLeilani

    This is so sad. It makes me upset. But it’s true, everyone should carry pepper spray…it really makes a difference. My sister who just had a baby was walking to the park with her 2 daughters and this guys tried to rob my sister and was getting physical with her during broad day light. She was immediately worried for her girls who were crying. Luckily she had pepper spray and was able to direct it to him which was long enough to disable him where she ran to the nearest store for help.

  20. JoinTheScene

    their Numbers.
    Wesley Wu (778)-808-9776
    Easley Wu? (818)-381-3829
    Raymond Palomino (916)-599-4146 & (773)-893-5231
    Todd Ramos (708)-582-4132
    Johnny J Li (773)-823-1160
    Danny Hui (778)-318-2048
    Amy Holly Feng (cameragirl) (773)-376-8681
    all the kids right here and there numbers

  21. piggyloves

    stop hitting people and start hitting those books. man these kids need some REAL ASIAN parents. ghettoo.

  22. ass1234974

    you llok like the other guy that wers north face jacket……..bitch

  23. Jesusjuice38

    If u notice he has a naruto poster

  24. DCookiemunstar

    im gonna tell yao ming

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