High School Girl’s Disappearance Is Linked To An Unsolved Crime – Dark Horse, The Secret: Chapter 2

WARNING! MATURE CONTENT. VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED. Based on the Dark Horse comic The Secret. Learn more at: www.darkhorse.com Subscribe to Geek and Sundry: full.sc The mystery of Pam’s disappearance deepens as police link it to yet another unsolved crime. Writer: Mike Richardson Artist: Jason Shawn Alexander Editor: Scott Allie Line Producer: Matt Parkinson Producer: Mike Richardson Directed by: Erik Bruhwiler We want your feedback! Join our community at: geekandsundry.com “Geek and Sundry” Dark Horse” “motion comic” comics “comic books” “Dark Horse Motion Comics” “the Secret” “indie comic” animation “Mike Richardson” “Jason Shawn Alexander” “Scott Allie” “Felicia Day” Guild “The Guild” nerd geek geeky nerdy “web series”

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24 responses to “High School Girl’s Disappearance Is Linked To An Unsolved Crime – Dark Horse, The Secret: Chapter 2”

  1. whipydip99

    This is genius 

  2. 23Joe91

    why do they always throw the map away!

  3. DjSkyfaze

    this looks like it could be jeepers creepers

  4. pineappleboyfilms

    So cool.

  5. eugenetswong

    In less than 3 seconds you hooked me, and in less than a couple of minutes, you made me angry for letting me know about this only right now.

    Thanks for the great story.

  6. Ironscimitar

    Pam’s mom, WANTS IT!

  7. TheRagingwerepanda

    13 months later?!

  8. xwickedkiss82

    Yeah that is what I was thinking when I saw the truck.

  9. DjSkyfaze

    while i dont think it is it looks like it could just become that lol. im not a fan of the movies so i hope it doesnt go that route haha. this is one of the few times where i cant predict whats going to happen next in a story. usually i have a few most likely out comes but i have no clue whats going on. this has me hooked

  10. TeaDeLuxe

    something about the heavy black dots gives the atmosphere a sort of diseased quality.
    I mean that in a good way:D

  11. LifeOfCin

    Wow great job! That scream always gets me though. Creepy.

  12. thegodlyparagon

    the acting is very bland the plot is the only reason im still watching, i feel like this would be better in print, i should look into it i assume its available.

  13. czei

    great animation

  14. doutonight

    man, i really hate hte animation/movement. its like im high on something and things arent going as they should..

  15. Doctoranthetardis

    so wired looking 

  16. SuperLink517

    The music after the video totally kills the mood haha

  17. TheZenBuddhist

    0:47 - 0:52
    It sounds like that black guy is about to choke on his tongue. WTF?

  18. flamingfigures

    Geekandsundry: What we wish G4 was…. -_- Thank the geek gods that you guys around!

  19. CAcationu2

    These animated chapters are great! In suspense the whole way!

  20. emilyerichard

    Best part: “Life is goooooooood.”

  21. missebibit

    This is a bit odd, but I kind of like it.

  22. MHFTeeVee

    I can see this series becoming a movie one day. It’s an awesome story 🙂

  23. MikeyWayfreak

    Tommy looks and kinda sounds like the dude from totally sketch

  24. kirpid

    The artwork and storytelling is great, but the warp animation is really irritating. 

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