High school student sold herself online to spite dad

www.nma.tv A junior at a prestigious Taipei high school was arrested after she sold herself online. The girl engaged in relations with six men for US.75 a pop. She said she did it to get revenge on her father, who had confiscated her cell phone and forbidden her from surfing the Internet.

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25 responses to “High school student sold herself online to spite dad”

  1. Ryuuken24

    Some people you should just shot in the head, and be done with them, why raise someone who will suck dick for a living, or become a prostitute, just kill them, you don’t need to torture them, just bang, dead, and you can live happily ever after, even get a new better kid, who knows if you don’t try!?

  2. KillenEMsoftly

    where are the english subtitles?

  3. PhiRune


  4. znnnnnnn

    As a famous philosopher once said : “Bitches aint shit but hoes and tricks”.

  5. bluetiger13blue

    @DGXGoggles Bazinga!

  6. thegoodlocust

    $7 for sex? I need to move to Taipei!

  7. PoseidensBeard

    @Taramushi You can also move the subs upwards/anywhere. Just click on them and drag them upwards. Chow.

  8. hothotheat3000

    Why didn’t she give head in exchange for an actual PHONE instead of saving up for one?

  9. shaurz

    Damn I need to get me some prostitutes for that bargain price!

  10. Taramushi

    @PoseidensBeard That’s kind of what I said, but thanks anyway I guess?

  11. chuckyoungbloods

    Dark shit!

  12. BobbyR454

    @KillenEMsoftly Click on the CC in the bottom right hand corner and you will get English subtitles.

  13. 44kittie

    @Ryuuken24 And you totally don’t sound like a psychopath, nope nope!

  14. DragonGooey

    I blame the father.

  15. Offlian

    Bipolar and depression is just the lame fallback excuse for Bitches Be Crazy. Not bashing people with such *real* problems, but they are often exploited to pretend that crazy bitches have a legitimate problem instead of being just crazy bitches.

  16. NefariousBshenkd


    And whores

  17. dayne86

    $1.75 to $3.50?!?!?!?!

  18. shotsky94

    She’s quite hot

  19. chairde

    @Taramushi, I didn’t know that either. Thank you very much for that information. By the way I feel sorry for this girl and her family. Mental illness is a terrible thing and those men should be charged with a crime.

  20. belittle12

    LoL 7$

  21. kenonifty

    @Taramushi Well oi’l be fooked. i didn’t know that either – and i have watched about 100 videos!!!

  22. timoback3000

    Way to show him

  23. Ryuuken24

    @44kittie Oh yeah, you know me as well as you know yourself! You can’t save them all, some times people should be allowed to slip into unconsciousness and never wake up again, we’d be doing’em a big favor, stop with the criticizing, we’re all in the same train trying to reach the same destination, but some of us is jumping off the train hoping they survive the fall, while others just sit and wait until we get there, that’s what life is.

  24. Ladygagsalot

    She was charging $1.75 – $3.50 what a bargain! LMAO

    Seriously, though, sometimes a good ass whuppin’ works wonders.

  25. ShopPatch


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