High School Teacher Caught Having A Train Ran On Her With 5 Students!

An English teacher’s scandalous night with students age 18 and 19 is caught on tape Link www.worldstarhiphop.com

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25 responses to “High School Teacher Caught Having A Train Ran On Her With 5 Students!”

  1. pt1234ish

    Look at her face, Really. lol

  2. Jodap Rof

    loose license, but not jail, they were all adults.

  3. sokou1

    im just gonna fuck her pussy and get some of her money, idont care about her face..lol

  4. reggie135

    Kevincraft her husband and her, are swingers She’s a whitewoman their black boys of legal age come on now.
    Texas is notorious for making lives hard for the WW’s that Fuck with blackmen.
    They were all of legal age, she should lose her job not do five years.

  5. JazzGuitar2012

    I understand your point, but in Texas those students were not of legal age. Are we to say that college students can date their professors because they’re 18? It would never had occured to me to jump in bed with one of my professors when I was a freshman.

  6. denalaurens

    Ages 18 and 19 are legal everywhere. I never said they shouldn’t punish her for it, but it is not an offense for jail. She broke school policy. fraternizing would have been bad enough, but a stiffer punishment for sex with students. She did not rape those boys. They are not minors. Now, if they were mentally ill, that would justify jail but that is not the case.

  7. ae ert

    every kids that is 13 and under and above knows what is right from wrong

  8. Smooth Spears

    13th grade???…lmao…classic!!!

  9. js7590898

    she should deal with the consequences she is in the position of a teacher and with that position you are becoming a role model and you have certain guidelines to follow, as with any job, she shuda became a hooker if thats what she like… but whatever she’s lucky it wasn’t my boy. She’s a victim my ass, and lmao at the 13th grade

  10. Seb8e

    I wanna see that video for sure…

  11. js7590898

    type of fucking rationale is this…

  12. barrybigras1984

    Kevin, how do I contact you about a dog story I want you to cover? It’s pretty fucked up, and as a dog owner and lover yourself I’d like to hear your thoughts on it. Msg me and I’ll hit you up with the story.

  13. BadgerCheese94

    How come when this kinda stuff happens, the WOMEN get the worst sorta whiplash, like in the case of Amber Cole. What a double standard, the woman is a slut but the guys get a free pass. Fuck that! All of y’all are sluts!

  14. lilbobby100

    Im not sure how she can be arrested because it wasn’t in the school, the boys were of age and chose to go there. they knew what was going on. I don’t think anything should happen to her.

  15. Darron Jackson

    lol 13th grade when you 19 heck naw

  16. MCconsolegamer

    same lol

  17. 92ladderley

    If they’re consenting adults then apart from being unprofessional (and desperate to be fucking her pupils) she’s not really done anything wrong, if they were underage I’d say throw the book at her but she shouldn’t be imprisoned for sleeping with consenting adults. She should loose her job, but not get locked up.

  18. 92ladderley

    @BadgerCheese94 Don’t be Abu

  19. 92ladderley

    @BadgerCheese94 Don’t be absurd! Male teachers would get verbally castrated and locked up for sleeping with a student, the women usually get of easy compared to the blokes. What the fuck are you talking about?

  20. JazzGuitar2012

    What I’m saying is that it NEVER works when subordinates get involved in relationships with superiors. I had a job once where a trainee got into a relationship with a manager, & that same trainee often assumed an attitude of authority with the rest of the crew, & she often influenced the his decisions (like giving certain employees a hard time because she didn’t like them). It was all because her boyfriend was the manager, & it pissed off the rest of us. It never works!

  21. denalaurens

    True, but students are not employees of teachers, but I understand what you’re stating. She should be disciplined but not a jail sentence as long as they were adults. The problem is that society wants to coddle young people rather than hold them to personal account. These adult guys are treated like they are children and she is treated as a pedophile, so why is a school policy a State law?

  22. KubwaNaNzuri

    she just dnt need her job thats all what is her crime being a hoe.. alot of bitches would be locked up ..niggas tooo

  23. ryankody1

    I think if your 18 your an adult and can do what you want. But the law is the law, although i dont agree with that particular law, she must do the time.

  24. DeCavalcante

    Id fuck her

  25. vovo216

    i would have told my son bring that hoe home! and let me show you how pops slam a bitch

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