Hookers at School Bus Stops & a busted ‘John’

10/2/07 Oklahoma City, OK USA – From JohnTV.com and the Video Vigilante. This video shows street hookers working near school bus stops and one ‘John’ who decided to pick one up.

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25 responses to “Hookers at School Bus Stops & a busted ‘John’”

  1. ptsocr

    that was good audio.

  2. MrBoBoTom

    Fucking hookers left right and centre, it’s an INVASION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. kolache87

    it is a ford f-350, nice isn’t it?

  4. UTJ87

    legendary, i’m takin a shine to this video vigilante fella, he knows what he’s talkin about.

  5. MesGodz

    first time….bull shit

  6. fuckahater07

    be safe wear a condom

  7. TehVinkShow

    Why do they always leave there car door open?

  8. JuliiLove

    church parking lot? looool. nicely done.

  9. baethke2

    holy shit al pacino

  10. decembering04

    I hope his wife sees this!!!

  11. borgherbie

    pussy on sale free aids and herpes and get sick forever. YAY hurry up before you miss out on it.

  12. tandj1216

    Excellent job! Keep up the good work. It’s a shame thought that the OKC police doesn’t seem to address this growing problem.

  13. douche2012

    hahahahah i loved the start of this video..if you think they dont notice … think again!!

  14. wilsonschoolgrade4

    sorry i did not know that jhon is not your real name

  15. cydelon

    As a recovering john, this video really affected me. I’ve never never been married, and have no children. I do have a sister though, and I would never want this to happen to her.

  16. CarpMagic95

    This guys lucky lol he catches so many *first timers!*… they are all doing it for the first time lol

  17. shoegalsho

    Thank you for putting it this way! It’s sexual abuse continued over and over and over and over! I’m a Pnurse and I see prostitutes in my line of work and over 9 times out of 10 they have been abused. This includes men also working on the street.

  18. DrMcFroogle

    its a shame that these pretty girls dedicate their lives to this shame.

  19. pshinspections

    Brian, I agree that humiliation is good for johns, but when you say that only the man is wrong here, I have to correct you. The girls can get a job, even housecleaners with a record can get room, board and cash. Just like the compulsive gambler, the girls keep hooking instead of actually working.

  20. dabul3169

    i wanted to do something similar to this… catch people doing illegal stuff on the streets, stealing, drug dealing or stupid driving, which i hate!

  21. videovigilanteokc

    You seem to think all street hookers are the same – which actually makes you very wrong. True, some are just lazy and lack motivation – many, many more have much more serious issues that have to be addressed and are often way beyond their own abilities to overcome alone. Several hookers in our area are mentally ill, most are seriously addicted to drugs and others are under the complete control of a pimp or gang. Your opinion is actually part of the problem.

  22. RonnieFukinSize

    Bullshit! That was never the first time he dun it. But probly the last

  23. alisaleh7860

    do you think you should be doing this buddy. its ok to make themm feel guilty but atleast censor their faces in the videos you post on youtube, everyone has a family ! please censor their faces. you are doing a good job. best wishes from Pakistan.

  24. videovigilanteokc

    Why? He didn’t feel a need to cover his face while he was picking the hooker up or dropping her off, so why should I feel a need to hide his face now?

  25. crazyheidigirl

    You’re doing a great job. You deserve a thousand claps on your shoulders!

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