Horrific Cop Car Chase Accident Crash Compilation High Speed Criminal Pursuit of Stolen Vehicles

Horrific Car Chase Accident Crash Compilation High Speed Pursuit of Stolen Vehicles Horrific Car Chase Crash Compilation High Speed Pursuit of Stolen Vehicles accident crashes auto police cars “car crash” accidents cop school fatal driver race into cops crashing collision alarm action traffic impact scene helicopter driving motorcycle safety highway chases “car chase” plane “plane crash” crashed “grand chase” cobra “police chase” underage kid criminal agent horrible crazy insane wicked drunk drugs weed beer crime dangerous

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25 responses to “Horrific Cop Car Chase Accident Crash Compilation High Speed Criminal Pursuit of Stolen Vehicles”

  1. GYSgamer

    @GryllsAutumn eh no thats a pit…. because he stops the pursuit by hitting the backside of the car

  2. GryllsAutumn

    @GYSgamer I stay with my statement a chopper would be a better option to ensure safety of other drives caught in the middle. So many tax dollars go out to useless things instead of good ideas.

  3. GYSgamer

    @greasedupgamer thats is the most…. good idea i’ve ever heard of!

  4. MrPyjamaTrousers

    Pity for the kid…

  5. cskillet2003

    It makes me smile to see people who disrespect authority get what’s coming to them. F**K the punks!

  6. ItsMrBang

    LOL! People who suck at crime, should stick to knitting.

  7. naizret

    I hate these videos, always wish a cop or two would get killed instead …

  8. mixn44

    “Robbery Suspect” = Non White Person .
    In Expensive Car.

  9. tongueringsandtiaras

    I don’t believe cops should initiate a high speed pursuit unless they and the criminal are the only cars on the road at the time. It is not fair to put everyone else in danger. They will be caught for this crime or another soon enough.

  10. b00fal00

    the pit manoeuvre ……. cops legally killing people … JUSTICE! .. right? ….. all new cars c should be fit with immobilisers controlled by the law enforcement officers .. stop all this shit …

  11. Hayeshacker0NE

    if only he would have slammed his brakes, then no pit maneuver

  12. fuzzo73

    @tongueringsandtiaras So, just let the car thieves and robbers run off into the sunset and hope karma does the rest?? WHAT??? I can respect a desire for more somewhat “utopian” ideals in society, but unfortunately this is crimefighting and it doesn’t have to be pretty. No, we don’t wait for them to be “somehow” caught for “another crime”, “soon enough”. Cops do this stuff to prevent people from being victimized at the next crime, the one you are speaking of actually.

  13. fuzzo73

    @tongueringsandtiaras The asshole in the stolen car knew the difference from right and wrong and made his bad decision. Do not blame police officers for doing their job. The car thief is endangering the public, not the cops

  14. fuzzo73

    @naizret AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaand Fuck You

  15. naizret

    @fuzzo73 Bull’s eye! Just saw two pigs killed over the weekend. That’s more like it

  16. Tabby266

    @b00fal00 …except pretty much ALL criminals use old cars. Stop being stupid. The pit only makes a car fishtail, rarly hitting things, it does not kill people 90 % of the time.

    Christ some people need to be given retraining orders from computers.

  17. naizret

    @fuzzo73 Dumb pig, presumably. ‘Dumb pig’–but I repeat myself …

  18. RedSandPalm

    he better hold onto his tighty whities??????
    a writer for the show wrote that down, they discussed it in a meeting and THEN had a voice actor say it…..

  19. Brianaprodigy

    And Now: “Deep Voice” He better hold on to his tighty whitties…

    Thats too funny

  20. L2TRO7

    لا تروح

  21. ausdude77

    @tongueringsandtiaras So anyone can steal a car, go on a crime spree and ditch the car and burn it. Repeat this and you jsut have to make sure you’re in the car before the police get there and you won’t get caught

  22. mistabook

    Too bad for him the veteran trooper has been doing this job… *puts on sunglasses* …since the punk was in diapers. YEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  23. Topfueltrooper

    @naizret would be awsome to see somone put one between your eyes and send your stinking faggot carcass to hell where you belong. Then go execute the rest of your fucked up family with a hammer beating to the heads because the deserve it for being related to a piece of cow shit like you.

  24. naizret

    @Topfueltrooper I agree it would be awesome, but you know as well as I that it’s not going to happen. But I’m impressed by your vivid imagination–although not surprised, given your fondness for stroking your mother’s hair and gasping ‘mommy … mommy’ while her sensual mouth is wrapped around your cock. When law enforcement gets blown, it goes first class!

  25. naizret

    We need more videos showing law enforcement professionals getting killed or paralyzed!

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