Imprisoned (Jim Jarmusch tribute)

A young boy is released out of juvenile prison, but doesn’t feel as free as he thought he would be. It’s about difficulties that can occur within family relations. About difficulties regarding communication. And about the conflicts with personal freedom and the ability to find inner peace. It’s a very slow-paced, minimalistic, silent short drama made for school. Shot on the Canon XL2. Also a tribute to director Jim Jarmusch in his ‘Stranger Than Paradise’ & ‘Down By Law’ days. The music was written especially for this short film, by Andy De Greve. Joon De Grande, Mia Stevens, Guido De Grande, Thibault Decrock, Andy De Greve, Stefaan Vandepitte, Bie Boeykens, Eric De Vos. Academie Gent 2007, Belgium. Hyun De Grande.

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6 responses to “Imprisoned (Jim Jarmusch tribute)”

  1. joondg

    AMG? just das ik… kzen lik den kleine el bandito :p

  2. FiNaPaSa

    eerste shot is dope

  3. unemployicus

    Cinematography (framing, lighting, use of tripod) was excellent. I also like your use of long master shots without edits.

    What camera did you shoot this with?

  4. somatichdg

    Thanks for the comments.
    The whole movie was shot with a Canon XL2 and a standard lens. 25p.

  5. unemployicus

    I love the overall look and feel of this. As I said in my first comment, your use of long master shots is excellent. Film students tend to think that they need to cut from one shot to another every two seconds, which I find annoying.

    What camera settings, if any, did you use to get this look? I reminds me of silver halide black and white photography, which is probably why I like this vid so much.

  6. somatichdg

    Uhm, outside the use of 25p I don’t rememeber the settings really. But it was instantly recorded in black & white, with a bit of color correction in post, mainly to up the contrast to simulate the look of film footage. So I think it was mainly the post-production to get this effect.

    Hope it helps a bit…

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