Interactive Knife Crime Video Making Choices – START HERE!

This is aninteractive Knife Crime Video which i have created for an assignment at Brunel University Multimedia Technology and design MMTD course. Hope you enjoy, and remember… the decisions are always yours!

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5 responses to “Interactive Knife Crime Video Making Choices – START HERE!”

  1. Fwuzeem

    What an idea, awesome man, don;t be surprised to see more of these turns popping up on youtube. Get the sound sorted though yeah?

  2. ScotiaGaidin

    So the moral of the story is to not take the knife and take a beating?. Need moar RUN options!

  3. lemonontoast

    The moral is what you make of it all. the underlying message is that every decision you make will always come at a price. And yes i would have loved to have made this alot more complex with more decisions. How would you have liked it to end?

  4. freddiebimbo

    I thought it was an okay video and the message at the end is loud and clear. I think it needs to be simple and straightforward which it is. After watching “Stabbed” on Tuesday night I was so shocked at the completely unprovoked attacks which sometimes resulted in death. Anything that can get people to think about not carrying a knife is a step in the right direction.

  5. EseRizzla

    He should have cut the enemigas face off and used it as a mask… what a pussy.

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