Is School Bullying A Crime?

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25 responses to “Is School Bullying A Crime?”

  1. qtzlctl2012

    @ooMONKEYoo my point exactly! If an adult can’t do it, why the fuck do people think it’s okay for kids to do it? Are they just stupid?

  2. LiBlub1

    Children are children. And you shouldn’t charge them, and what’s even sicker is when the 1st football-mom sues the next; Just for something little Carl did to little Anne on the playground.
    Obviously the fault lies not in the children them selfs. Firstly they’re not yet 18 which means that they’re not of age to fully decide between right and wrong. Secondly, bullies in almost every case have problems at homes, so there’s where the issue lies – not in them selfs.

  3. ShatterNWO

    @qtzlctl2012 So then lets end the first amendment right? the first amendment is in place to protect unpopular and hateful speech, becus nice PC speech doesn’t need protection. U can’t steal someone’s lunch money its called theft. If we start prosecuting bullying or being mean then most of us would be felons. Freedom can be dangerous and messy, but the false security government offers leaves us neither safe nor free

  4. qtzlctl2012

    @ShatterNWO See, this is why i think you people are fucking stupid. You don’t get how children are just the microcosm of the shitty society they end up creating.

    so: NO, you idiot. If we persecuted bullying then those little shitbags would BE IN PRISON. Meaning they would not grow up to be the asshole felons you know they will become!

    This isn’t about false security. It’s about raising your goddamn kids correctly, ie: not letting them being little fucking shitheads.

  5. ShatterNWO

    @qtzlctl2012 Yeah us idiots who hate freedom of speech. How about the parents of these kids that committed suicide get involved with their kids and figure out their problems and instill some fucking self esteem. So any kid who says something mean goes to jail? where they are more than likely to be repeat offenders in your orwellian utopia. So kids who have almost no rights as it is today, now can’t have freedom of speech.

  6. qtzlctl2012

    @ShatterNWO no no no, that totally makes sense. Not punishing them at all will prevent repeat offenders. Jackass

  7. ShatterNWO

    @qtzlctl2012 Not punishing them thru the courts is what i advocate, school punishing them, I’m for, parents punishing them, I’m for. Is the answer to everything policing? Do u wanna live in a society where everyone is politically correct all the time and afraid they might offend someone and go to jail for it?

  8. Ichybutt09

    @qtzlctl2012 nice quote…this does have its place. high five

  9. qtzlctl2012

    @ShatterNWO so how do you propose to punish them? Kick them out of school? That’ll teach em, and i’m sure no more school will stop them from becoming criminals.

  10. ShatterNWO

    @qtzlctl2012 Well it would be up to individual schools to dull out the punishment based on the “crime.” But how about parents, parent. What happens when a popular kid that didn’t get bullied kills himself? Punish all the kids who were nice to them, becus maybe the kid was sad that he didn’t have enemies. What if a kid says something to a kid that the kid misunderstood and kills himself? Death penalty? I can’t believe I have to defend freedom of speech.

  11. P1ranh4

    @jdh501 I totally agree. even in university, where people are much more tolerant (at least in my country) girls still bully each other or talk about each other behind each other’s back. Guys on the other hand can pretty much to anything they like and never have to fear any consequences. This causes a very strange environment that doesn’t benefit anybody.

  12. qtzlctl2012

    @ShatterNWO I can’t believe you’re hijacking freedom of speech like so many other whiners who can’t get your point across without running to them like mommy.

    My point still stands after all your bitching. If it’s not allowed in the office, why is it allowed in the school? Fine, you don’t like the court to do it, then we need a better way to punish these kids. And leave it to the parents? Are you fucking kidding me? If the parents were any good we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

  13. ShatterNWO

    @qtzlctl2012 The parents aren’t any good becus ppl like u want a nanny state that allows parents to be lazy. U cant steal in an office or school its theft, u cant beat someone up in an office or school its assault. Now in the case of bullying, it depends on the office and the rules of that particular office, since most offices are private property they can have whatever types of rules they want. But a public school should follow that pesky bill or rights that u hate that i keep “running to”

  14. qtzlctl2012

    @ShatterNWO now i know you’re just being a douche bag. Now it’s MY fault the parents are bad. Wow. Good call. Now fuck off.

  15. ShatterNWO

    @qtzlctl2012 Your right a nanny state doesnt make ppl lazy and pass individual responsibility off to the government. Id love to live in ur world where u cant say anything that just maybe somebody might find offensive or ur going to court. Then our whole lives we would be in an out of court constantly to deal with our charges, while the infrastructure around us crumbles, children become property of the state but atleast ppl will be FORCED to be nicer.

  16. qtzlctl2012

    @ShatterNWO didn’t i say fuck off? Take your strawmen with you.

  17. ShatterNWO

    @qtzlctl2012 Enjoy your world where kids still commit suicide and there are a bunch of adolescent thought criminals in metal cages

  18. qtzlctl2012

    @ShatterNWO enjoy your world where you think you know what topic you’re talking about or you have some semblance of knowing what the fuck is going on.

  19. ShatterNWO

    @qtzlctl2012 It doesnt matter if i do, i just want freedom for everyone, not just ppl i agree with, freedom is the answer what is the question

  20. ooMONKEYoo

    @qtzlctl2012 You know the answer to that last question, silly!

  21. DrQuijano

    the punishment should be depending on the nature of “bullying”, but I wouldn’t say it’s a jailtime thing. If there was no physical contact then this is bs.

  22. horostitute

    thats life deal with it.

  23. Tounushi

    Bullying is assault, both mental and physical.
    Even in Finland there are discussions about criminalizing bullying.


    More nanny state bullshit.

  25. coloradojoey

    Isn’t it harassment? Why should that not be considered a crime?

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