Is Skateboarding A Crime? (2009)

A class project that won first place out of all the classes in the school so I decided to show it to the rest of the world. Please comment and rate. Share your thoughts and opinions.

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25 responses to “Is Skateboarding A Crime? (2009)”

  1. AlexMeezyMartinez

    there is no way to talk shit about this video or people. i dont get wat is up with u guys and talking trash cuz of how someone holds a board. eric koston is mongo and that doesnt make him suck. get ur guys mind sraight. these guys are down. dont get it twisted

  2. nikes10B

    wundery needs to shut up he prob is the biggest poser in the world can you even skate

  3. Estefanya24

    ohemgee wundery – if u have nothing nice to say shut the hell up!! everyone has this stereotypical view of skaters but most of them dont do anithing wrong. so yeahh. btw my bros a skater nd his skool has this thing where once a week they get to skate round the skool…pretty awsum, should b done at other skools ^^ as far as i can see, holding the board however u want doesnt really say how gud a skater u r – haha try playin a game of skate instead. bute ayee nice vid =]

  4. wundery

    it looks fuckin moshery. i can just picture a bunch of tight pant wearing faggots stood at the top of a hill they’re about to bomb with shoe lace belts holding the board by the trucks in the air screaming Skate or die motherfuckerzzz!”!!! its like nar not abit be chilled and dont make chilled people who do it as a sport get a bad name because your a all the faggot posers who get element boards and hawk boards. stand there doing flat ground cos the only skater they know is rodney mullen its shit.

  5. moudly

    @wundery uhhh… I’ve never gotten an element or a hawk board. I have almost boards and blank boards. I dont wear tight jeans and i dont have shoe laces as a belt. I know Rodney Mullen and other skaters. Jimmy Carlin, Sean Malto, Ronnie Creager, Lyn Cooper, Chet Thomas, and others but blahdadadadada. And I dont think ANYONE goes at the top of hills and screams skate or die motherfuckers. :/ It’s like me saying I hope you dont take showers at night cuz that means your gay. o_O? Sooo stupid.

  6. metallicafan600

    The most important issue TO ME is that if you are skateboarding on a public buildings property it is their responsibility if you get hurt. it also bugs the hell out of people when you ruin the property. Don’t go off telling me that your all good people and skaters would never do anything bad either. flat out lie. most of you are dumbshit vandals and druggies. case closed

  7. BAMx1010

    koston aint mongo dumb shit

  8. BAMx1010

    Black dude is hella dumb. He said they went skatin at night so that they wont disturb anyone. Even though thats when people are sleeping.

  9. DownLocked

    Fuck you man.

  10. metallicafan600


  11. Skeleton0123

    that is one gangster librarian

  12. FxStryker

    why do you stereotype skateboarders? do you statistical facts that says we are “druggies” and vandals? i dont think so and the weather does more damage to the public that we do.

  13. metallicafan600


    i didnt say anything about the weather bro, and just because it also does harm to the public, doesnt mean you do. get a life, bro.


    dude STFU and stop labeling. And who wre you. What group of people are you. Yes I skate, and even if i didn’t I’d still defend it. I graduated high school with a 3.5 gpa. B+. I don’t use drugs, Or vandalize property. But I skate. So what does that make me>??

  15. moudly

    @metallicafan600 Dude, I’m not a druggy. I dont do drugs at all and I personally think that people who own property shouldn’t be held responsible. If law gets in the way of that issue… simply let us sign a waiver saying that the property owners will not be responsible for other people’s injuries. I’m 17 and went to my apartment office and made that exact deal with them. Now they let me skate like nothing because they aren’t scared to be sued. The vandalism part, I have no comment in.

  16. moudly

    And Rodney Mullen for example. He graduated with higher than a 4.0. So there is another skater who isnt a druggy dumbass.:) 🙂 🙂


    Dude I really like your response to that question. You Sitr, handled that well. And thats’ a good idea with the waiver. Shit I’m 20 and I really don’t skate propert. Just street. I mean some Parking lots is all.. And I don’t vandalize shit. Thats’ just stupid. Some 6th grade shit..


    5* for your reply. Street skate 4 Life.. I have an almost daewon song board..

  19. FRod94

    skateboarding is the shit who ever doesnt like it can go suck a dick!! on the video that kid that gave the board to that one guy you should of just told him to fuck himself and leave haha if they dont like how nice you can be then just be dumbasses to them so they can hate us even more haha

  20. Dakiddkris

    homie your a little bitch for giving him your board!

  21. bobsauget

    Kurupt Justice, what are you thinking…? First off…If your 20 and you havent started skating street yet you should have quite a long time ago, Seondly graduating with a B+ isnt really somthing to brag aout and finally…YOUR A HUMAN DUST MACHINE!

  22. niznik83

    1:30-1:50…. fuck u buddy ever think that fucking skaters use their skate board as a mode of transpertation?? also bikers take up more space and actually disterb the the peace way more frequent that skate boarders… so fuck you. u have no idea.

  23. whachoosmokin

    fuk this just do wat u wana do and shit on whoevers face that tells u not to skate

  24. yuuuuuuuuuuuupaLeX

    yea what a bitch, just straight gave him his board. he probly doesnt even skate what a pussy

  25. TheGassyBoy

    can you do that with any place or certain places just curious

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