Jamie’s Dream School | Cherie Blair on Human Rights

Cherie Booth QC tells the class about some fundamental freedoms that are denied even today, and how punishments must fit the crime. These Dream School lessons have been edited to focus on factual lesson content. Moments of class disruption may have been removed! For more information on Jamie’s Dream School go to www.channel4.com Catch up on episodes with 4oD on YouTube: www.youtube.com

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24 responses to “Jamie’s Dream School | Cherie Blair on Human Rights”

  1. KittieMacKintosh

    I would have liked to have heard her be a bit more explicit about rights and the corresponding responsibilities. I was also a bit confused by the laptops and cameras being used during the lesson. For me, the most important thing these young people need to grasp is exactly waht she was talking about. You have a right to free speech, but a responsibilty to listen. You have a right to an education but a responsibility to not stop another from getting an education.

  2. UGTownsend

    i think she makes a good teacher.

  3. Zoroastrianistic

    @UGTownsend As a qualified teacher, no, I don’t think she would meet the minimum standards, but what makes a ‘good’ teacher is rather subjective.

  4. UGTownsend

    @ Zoroastrianistic… Out of interest, what are these minimum standards? Thanks 🙂

  5. NWOBHMRicochet

    quite a simple lesson….but the nana didnt get it…still…more cannon foda eh

  6. LulamaeLou

    Considering that this is supposed to be the edit that focuses on the teaching, editing out behaviour…she’s just delivered one of the weakest sessions I have seen here on you tube. Its badly planned lesson and she lets the kids draw her into the chaos.

  7. callasfan100


  8. rfadamski

    ITs a shame the kids are just not paying attention in call at all the all on laptops and moblie phones the show relly need to get rid of the distactions for the kids.

    How ever i feel that cherie did well to use the disruption to her adventeage like that good thinking on her feet.

  9. Gunna345


  10. LUK4S2K7

    I wonder whether Tony Blair listened to her lecture on human rights before he went to unjust wars.

  11. jburton166

    This was a rather waffly lecture, as the speaker did not explain either the concept, or the origins of human rights legislation.
    The class was very chaotic, noisy, and highly disrespectful to the teacher; the whole lot should be sent to a Chinese school, not a tommy-rot “dream” school.

  12. DyerMedia

    Wish I was in that class, I would of been like, Cherie, as a supporter of human rights, why did you sit back and watch your husband order thousands of troops to the middle east resulting in 1.02 million deaths of innocent people.

  13. jeskaowen

    someone should have told Cherie that she wasn’t teaching 6 year olds what a patronising cow urgh!

  14. DavidsIllustrations

    right to be repected?!
    right to education?!

    instead of teaching what the concept of a right comes from she teaches them that they have an automatic claim to the product of another persons labour.


  15. tiatdivad

    Cherie Blair on human rights ? Is this a joke ? The wife of a man responsible for the deaths of countless tens of thousands. Oh boy !!

  16. bobbystormont


    She gives a dishonest answer here to a very good question. Ex-prime ministers get a very handsome redundancy package.

  17. madmax8903

    Old Cherie looked stressed and was clearly having a hard time. The main point is she and virtually the whole world are wrong. Human rights, like truth, are good-sounding terms but when examined closely are open to all kinds of dishonesty. The correct term should be individual rights. They were also wrong in their definition of rights: a right is something that is consequent to being human, not an ideal or something that is granted. No one grants you the right to breathe.

  18. GSXRMarshall

    @DyerMedia Hope you mean the lives of our troops as there the innocent ones. cos who give a fuck about that shit hole country.

  19. PeaceLoveEtc

    the kids need to be miked better, cant hear what theyre saying

  20. jbcaballerotalentoso

    Teachers need to be respected. It drives me mad when I hear students demanding respect. This is one of the main problems with our once great education system. In class you shut up, listen and learn

  21. mo1912

    How dare this woman talk about human rights married to a war criminal ?

  22. DaveUndertaker

    A disgusting and meretricious individual who helped to destroy the UK with her equally vile paramour.

    I am incandescent with rage at seeing her parading axe-murdering scumbag John Hurst around the school like some kind of hero. I hope somebody sticks an axe in her head.

  23. John1Cage

    @jeskaowen Did you not observe them

  24. supasonicblast

    @LUK4S2K7 lol yeah I was thinking how hypocritical the whole things was

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